My wheelchair was very me – I chose one as blood-red as the gorgeous Plymouth Fury used in the film Christine.

Sharon Lawson

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On the borderline
She felt more inclined to live out loud and proudly lead the most profound of chorus lines
Formerly mortified
Audibly glorified thoughts designed to fortify a broadened mind reorganized to shine
Prizing the child bearing light in her eyes
Daring stoke the home fires
On the borderline

Not before time
She believed in herself
Found a wealth of sound reasons to kiss life and tell
Through the mist
Persist to show that hope was both alive and well
Spoken most devotedly when choking silence fell

Owning sense of heightened self
She elevated greatly
Felt each joie de vivre perceived innately from a dreamlike scene
Shaded were the trees beneath which ladies came when graced esteem
Native to a celebrated theme

Gleaming like a diamond
Shining brighter than the stars of pasts redeemed
With courage of conviction and the flourish of an artist primed as queen
Eminently seen
And ever elegantly She
Her every breath suggested leisurely progression to the stream
Herein the treasures of the deep
Were altogether in her keep
And every feather of forever teased the zephyr gently steeped

On the borderline
She learned to leap
When nevermore her fallen rights beseeched
Felt more alive when teetering
When facing death and cheating it
Than all the times it falsified defeat
Immortalized was She
To toss her sword aside and bleed
Seed the earth beneath her feet
And lead a merry chorus line
For dreams were ten a penny
On the borderline

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. “Not before time
    She believed in herself
    Found a wealth of sound reasons to kiss life and tell”

    Thank you so much for raising awareness of BPD, a storm within my mind that often lands me in misinterpreted trouble and forever explaining context, urgh. I can’t find the words to describe my feelings right now my friend, the art is gorgeous, I downloaded the beautiful song and the poem! So so much to quote! Really captures my life journey to perfection. You understand me so well which means a lot.
    I am extremely grateful for my two Lions, my Rabbit, my family and other friends who are patient and compassionate with me. I’d seriously be 6ft under or sprinkled in a Scottish loch (naturally without permission!) without you all. You have supported me through the good times and traumatic moments. And this is a moment of humility and strength. Thank you 🛡

    1. You really couldn’t be more welcome Mouse. You have overcome so much in your life and done so with a smile never far from your face. That is one of the qualities my father possessed. Even when his MS escalated, he still found the time to raise a smile and crack a joke. As you said above, there isn’t a massive deal of awareness of BPD and I’m only too happy to cast a little light on the subject. Moreover, this is a celebration of a very brave friend of mine, who belongs in the hearts and minds of the many, not the lowly depths of a Scottish loch. That being said, when I go, I reckon we should both get sprinkled down there so we can solve the ancient mystery of Nessie. Stay you. Stay true. Don’t change a whisker. 🛡

      1. The mention of your dearest dad has made me feel extremely humbled. He saw you and the ability within you and I know how much he meant to you. And that joke of his you told me, a remarkable man despite his tragic illness. I won’t change, no matter what, and I’ve got many reasons to keep on clucking. Now, where’s Nessie?

  2. I’ve just listened to your fantastic performance and Bernie read the words. At this fragile time it’s really perked me up. And set off my stereo vision 🤣
    A Sharon with downbeat nystagmus is still a Sharon 🥳

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