A Tall Tale of Twilight (Kolobos Suite)

Listen to A Tall Tale of Twilight by Richard Charles Stevens (Kolobos Suite)

Listen to Kolobos by William Kidd

The candelabra flickered
Ever quicker as he crept
At the height of such predicament
No minor distance kept
For it had been traditional in winter to have slept
Yet his pillowcase felt warm and safe for all the tears he wept

He had been a child last time the twilight boards he tread
He felt wild and brave for each exhilarated heartbeat sped
Shadows seized his wake and it appeared they were unfed
Snatching at his mapping of the dim lit trail ahead
There had been a rapping at his chamber door in dead of night
Still no apprehension bled his stride
Still he led procession through the fettered dead of night
Told a tale of no affright and tempered with untold abide
In his secret dreams there was deemed no more bold a knight
Even deep asleep, foretold of light

The candelabra flickered
Ever quicker as he crept
At the height of such predicament
He steeped to hinds and leapt
For it had been traditional in winter to have slept
Yet his pillowcase had famed his reign through all the dreams he kept

This was no reverie
The swell of gust was true
His eyes acclimatized and knew precisely that adjusted to
Fears seemed insincere and he would not adhere to such ado
Essentially his every sense was heightened
His faith was blind, yet still enlightened
Unrequired to leave a light on
Moans and rakes were shown as mostly fake
And thus, he rose awake reposed and chose tenaciously to stride on

In the heart of darkness
He relied upon the candelabra’s flicker
With no slight on his innocence
He held his breath through every beat that quickened
In the heightened suite of wisdom
He had prized the ceaseless vision
That the eyes need not wear sight to be advised on
Back upon the pillowcase so warm and safe he claimed his place
Far too wild and brave to leave a light on

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. That post was not finished…Here I go again. When I visit your site I remember my time as the artistic director of an unusual church. I was hired to read books, watch films, listen to music and to write 5 minute plays. It was a great gig. I know how hard you work to bring the theme together. Thanks for sharing;-) x

    1. Thank you for reading. And for your kindness. There’s a general concept to most of my works which entails the passage through darkness to light, the challenge is changing things up, so each stand on their own merits as opposed to all bleeding into one.

      I’m never happier than when an idea comes to me to tell a tale unique in tone and it thrills me greatly to read words like yours on a piece such as this as I wish to be a storyteller, first and foremost. To reminisce on your time at the unusual church, which sounds like a fantastic gig indeed, on account of your time with this verse, pleases me infinitely. Thanks for caring;-) x

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