Adrift and at Peace

Adrift and at peace has been published in All of Me Vol. V, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing. Featured art is by Katerina Plotnikova.

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Adrift and at peace
I feel calm
Feel at ease
No alarm
As I breeze through the palms
I feel charmed
Feel appeased to see chagrin released
No decree passed misleading to harm

Impervious to burden
As I reach beneath the curtain
Lift it further than precursor
Feel my heart in sweetness murmur
And embark upon a journey
Through the certain greens of nurture
To ovation of those waiting in the wings
Now the thing about things
Is that they bring about enlightenment
Can underpin entitlement to widen our horizons
While our enterprise relies on such to muster the reliance to advise the skies of just succeed to brighten

Adrift and at peace
We feel calm
Feel at ease
No alarm
As we breeze through the palms
We feel charmed
Feel appeased to see chagrin released
No decree passed misleading to grievous harm
Feel serene
As we reach for the starlight foreseen
A mighty fleet
Unique to ceaseless seas
Adrift and inconceivably at peace

The dreamer dreams
Impervious to beggaring belief
Will never see surrendered the remembrance of all that lies beneath
Endeavouring the betterment of veteran debrief
From every lesson learned in turn that lessens our pristine
Severance of tethers binding essence to retreat
As we plum the depths benevolent of treasures of the deep
Pay our minds the reverence to set a scene more decorous
Of interweaving elegance

Adrift and at peace
Please feel calm
Feel at ease
No alarm
As you breeze through the palms
In the height of the breeze
Stand defined like a tree
Feel serene
As you reach for the starlight foreseen
Be a dreamer
Dare to dream
And set adrift on every memory redeemed
For heavens be the treasury of peace

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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