Orphan Black—The Clone Who Dared (Moon Runner Suite)

Orphan Black—The Clone Who Dared is an original work, inspired by and based upon the masterful lore of Orphan Black.

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Some called it the storm of the century
With nature forsworn to be enemy

The mourning cries of dawn mists rising
Long withdrawn
Now frisked horizon
Warning one long kiss goodnight
Before the shoreline gripped the skies—In
no way safe—In
no way binding
Mankind disinclined to thriving
Took a clone
To go for broke
Provoke her mind to Lengthen

Hiding in plain sight
She tried to find the fight life compromised
Clenched both fists tight
Leaned in
Chin high
Rebooted system
For she was not the only she personified
And such had been denied her for too long a time

Some called it the storm of the century
With nature forsworn to be enemy

How ever could it be
Her very genes
Were in no telling way unique—At least
The way that she perceived
Had she deemed such too much to bear
Then she’d have ended it right there
Yet in great state of disrepair
She found her fix

The orphan girl
Came home
Her black wings ashen to the bone
Each teardrop scattered to enthrone
The passion abstinent disowned—For cloned
She fashioned each rogue node
Into a tapestry of hope
Dimensionality uncloaked
Thus hospitality was shown
The cure for wellness was disease
A heavy cross to bear for each
Howbeit, sestras so esteemed
Know well to estimate their reach
Before the devastating blow
Of open breach

Bleeding profusely
Seemed no use in tethering loosely
Reducing endeavour acutely
The truth of the sever
Was spliced to her spine
As together the orphans aligned
Mapping a path to the heart of the stars
Where the storm of the century passed

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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