Lounge Act

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I found a tree in shade
To lounge beneath
Each branch an artist
Race you to the top
Let’s see who reaches it the fastest
I would come last happily
To be passed by such majesty
And actually ameliorate belief
Since I found a tree in shade to lounge beneath

Made it to this safe place by the skin of my teeth
Started at sedate pace and with minimized heat
Felt the need to simplify a scheme
Foreseen of failure
Proceed then breathing
Study ever keenly my behaviour
However could I waive rights I had never been relieved
Even through the never
I made sense of the between
Better yet felt in reach of great many kings and queens
Essentially the same way bled
For every dreamer tends to dream a theme
The scene set veered sincerely to the evergreen
A centrepiece the likes of which I’d seldom in my ventures ever seen
Seemed high time I leap
Or else I’d never breathe air quite so sweet
The rest is history I care repeat

I found a tree in shade
To lounge beneath
Each branch an artist
Where everyone is welcome
To see each brave reach the farthest
I remain here happily
To bask in rays of majesty
Since I found agèd tree in shade to lounge beneath emphatically

Apathy is overrated massively
And only gazes passively
As lonely places play us with tenacity
And actually disintegrate belief
That we are seen through eyes empathically inclined to siphon grief
Paddle by our side to island reef
Hereby agree to time our leaps
And reach the branch our hearts perceive the farthest
Fatigue aside
We’re breathless artists
Striving to succeed in life
Cut us and we bleed and die
Breathe us and relieve us
Try a little tenderness and weep the same redeeming tears we cry
It’s easy to believe it
When we try

I found a tree in shade
To lounge beneath
Each branch a part of me
Meet you at the top
Let’s be in sync and claim the farthest reach
I came home to majesty
Remain this way emphatically
Since I reclaimed my place beneath a tree in shade
A canopy where actually I’m happy to retreat
Make history each vision cared repeat

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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