Ægean Ode

Ægean Ode has been published in All of Me Vol. IV, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing. Featured art is by Maren Klemp.

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deep in the Ægean sea
some way farther than the naked eye perceives
whispers frisk the tide beneath the fragrant ocean breeze
their symphony confides in cadence, ebb and flow unique

the moon blanched waves
of favour steeped
are doomed to break
yet famed to rise again
their line of spray defies with brave the bridle reins of violated fate
the latent traits of destiny are yet to be suggestively revealed
from tempestous sea
whereby estuaries bleed in at will
still are the waters becalmed by the music of chance
the fortuitous chants of enchanted appeal
heartstrings unmasked of their corsets
divorced from precaution to fall in and feel

deep in the Ægean sea
far and away from the tyrants’ charades
in reprieve of their shameless decree
kisses frisk the tide beneath the fragrant ocean breeze
their lips confiding treasures of the deep

serene the strands
that cling to land
the fingertips that skim the sands
washed up on the distant shores
from whence the whispered mists are formed
gusts of scorn prewarn the blustered thrust of blades unjust of brace
yet here within the winds of change
are underpinned the seeds of faith
in ornate bloom
of aeons runed
engraved in bones
bouquets perfumed
foreseen embrace betwixt the lace
the glance of hearts in quickened flame

deep in the Ægean sea
the trees are not so faraway
fragrant ocean breeze lends sway
to every hopeful dream conveyed
kisses frisk the tide
confide in cadence, ebb and flow divine
to scribe an ode to testify the treasures of the deep

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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