Genesis (Last Vision Remix)

Genesis has been published in All of Me Vol. IV, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing. Featured art is by Marius Zabinski.

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It’s ultimately all about perspective
Hard to be objective
When our reason is defective
Information overload sees overflow requested
Making rodeo of every chromosome invested
Hard to put a foot forth unaware of where the best is
All we think, feel and reveal
Primarily subjective

Effectively, our jealousies are questioned when perception bleeds
Leading us to misdirection
Desperate measures lessen means
Green eyed monsters tend to tender precious few expressions
Are usually the last to ask the true pertinent questions
Jumping through the hoops of false illusion
Self-enforced confusion
Ends in all sorts of contusion
Trends towards coarse elocution
Hard to put a foot forth when our school of thought protests to moving
All we think, feel and reveal
Is on fraught course and pulled taut towards losing

It’s ultimately all about perspective
All we think, feel and reveal abundantly suggests this
Need not see development arrested
Need not be our betterment contested
With masts erected
Paths corrected
Hearts forecast advance protected
It’s the hour to shower power vested

Venturing to precipice
Need not mean leaving premises
For all our flaws and blemishes
We can adore the genesis
Learn to be objective
When our reason seems defective
Put a foot forth more aware of where the treasured best is
All we think, feel and reveal
Will always be subjective
Particular when strength and will relentlessly be tested
It’s ultimately all about perspective
Unto our eyes the wonder of immeasurable zeal
Once we entrust no lust to thrust of flint or glint of steel

Artists bleed to print to prove our spirit kisses real
Hearts are masterpieces when departed of conceal
Party to the parts of us catharsis tends to heal
And all we ask upon return is that you learn that this is real
This is true
Sincere, obliged of dignity and clear as chandelier
These are diamonds in our eyes
And there is truth within each tear
See us
Better yet, believe that we perceive the best of feet
Can lead the most progressive fleet
When placed not on contested seat
All heat that we supply
Can lend address to blessèd eyes
Providing we proceed with calm
And kindly leave the rest to chance
All we think, feel and reveal
Is splendid feast when charmed
Never less than when commencing bleeding from our palms
Every pain we face is for our benefit
Once we brave the rains
Embrace our blemishes
For one fine day
We may just pen a genesis

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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