To Elizabeth Jane

To Elizabeth Jane has been published in All of Me Vol. VI, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing.

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Elizabeth Jane
It is my honour on this day
To say dear mother
You are unlike any other
I have famed
Since rediscovering my smile
You have encouraged its remain
And I am utterly made up to sing your praises

Your fragrant grace amazes
As you ably turn the pages
Of a novel you once read me as a child
Deep in the Enchanted Wood
Intrinsically I understood
That in my keep was sense of keen adventure
Brave and wild
The dreamer dreamed
From that day on
Shall dream this dream for everlong
For you taught me it’s never wrong to venture forth esteemed
You took me to the faraway tree

I shall ne’er forget the fine day
That you planted this great seed
That you imparted the belief
That I could paddle in the stream
For every time I grazed my knee
You kissed it better with your palms
Applied the balm to calm abrade
Then patched me up like new again
And I feel charmed to be so safe
Within your arms
For each embrace
Is a reminder I can truly be a child again

Elizabeth Jane
It’s my great honour on this day
To say dear mother
You are unlike any other
I have famed
Since coming home to you
You’ve seen me flourish into bloom
And I am utterly enthused to sing your praises

Making daisies into chains
As I climb like wild clematis
I’m reminded of the fragrance of a heart that kindly caters for the light
And every vapor of remarkable arrangement
That I savour as I gaze into your eyes

There are no limits to the skies within
As you are true to nature
Have a smile for every stranger that you pass
With no complaints you bear the strain of all adored of own accord
Just so we can feel some way more weightless in advance
Just so we need never feel forsaken in our hearts

Elizabeth Jane
I feel charmed to proclaim
That I am son of one so scalable of heart
These last few years with you
Have been the making of me
And it is you who feed the root into the veins of the leaves
I love you with all of me
Famed in belief
That the angel in my view
Is truly thee
Thank you mum
For every dream I dream

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. Your mum is one of the loveliest ladies we’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. A welcoming smile at the door and a warm hug. This dedication is wonderful, bursting with love and gratitude. And “Deep in the Enchanted Wood” both our parents led us ❤🌳❤

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