Gift of Venus (Proximity Suite)

Gift of Venus has been published in All of Me Vol. II, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing. Featured art is by Karol Bąk.

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As Venus disrobed in Elysian fields
The angels rejoiced in her name
Fearlessly she strode the plains
Wielding only sheaf of grain
Heralding the yield her dainty feet revealed beneath them
Heavenly the gifts that She so openly bequeathed them
Daisies hung togetherly in decorative chains
Feeding intravenously through every gaping vein
Blackest roses decomposing swore blind oath to breathe again
Ashen petals passionately thrashing to unfurl
Fashioning enraptured plea to marvel her anatomy
Live the dream and wake up to the girl

Pearls of wisdom spoke of inner vision She invited
Second sight
Third eye confiding
Sentient to essence hiding
Lessening the curse of blighted
Blessèd be the red sea parted
Revenant to dear departed
Chapter verse and testament to lend address to broken-hearted
Better dress the mortal wounds of those who fought with valor
Make these braves immortal
Reacquaint the saintly fallen to Valhalla
Turning tide to distant lights
To guide the blind to Island of the Seen
Sun and moon both spoke of She
Mothering the earth by day
Persuading night as Lady of the Sea

Venus was the name the ancients gave to She
For they had never seen such peerless brave as She
Striding forth courageously
Facing fears to ease the pain
Naked in the freezing rain
Teardrops glistened in her mane
Flawless shores adorned each pore adored through eyes of Zeus
These rooms to most beguiling view
Knew where beauty’s bloom resided
Fluent in each truth confided
Proof of life his mesmerising
Tantalising glimpses of the only Home he’d cared to roam
In love the likes of which embraced the lips no stitch in time and space had ever dared to show
A masterpiece of ebbs and flows
Each artery from head to toe
Composed unspoken symphony
That one fine day enthroned he’d hoped to sing for She
As Venus disrobed in Elysian fields
His deepest soul revealed a key

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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