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‘Twas within the abyss
That we shared our first kiss
‘Twas her lips that I craved
As we faced the eclipse

Tasted oblivion
Oblivious to shadow forms insidious that slithered through penumbrae with perverse
Pitiless creatures with hideous features delivering a sinister and untimely curse
Silhouetted guillotines were poised to lead hostilities
Frozen screams collecting in the stream of my subconscious
Voices in my head obscene
And every one obnoxious
Noxious the dead air of indifference to plight
Caring solely for demise
My eyes despaired
Declared no holy sight

‘Twas here within abyss
That I felt vividly alive
‘Twas here within abyss
That I first died

Stone cold dead
Of encore bled
Prepared to fall away
My final breath
Procession led
To bear the pall of dying day
Scattered pine with ashes
From inside my own sarcophagus
Dared not make a dash for it
For that would be preposterous
Having been embalmed
I felt disarmed of charmed resource
Slowly decomposing as erosion choked my closing thoughts

‘Twas here within my casket
That She calmed the vicious tide
‘Twas here within her arms
That I survived

She breathed me back inside myself
To taste my own presiding swell
Embrace the soul revived by knell
Revivified by one kiss telling
Here within her eyes was the enlightenment I thirst for
Searing my delight as she ignited my inert core
Finally just cause to pause and celebrate my ridden flaws
Finally forbidden lust to burn for
To meet demise another way
Would undermine my sundered clay
Expose my liability for frittering my dying day
Would sooner face defeat
Than cheat my death at final breath’s request
Unless her lips suggested then to kiss me back to life again
Without her beat, my heart imparts no tempo to sustain
Without her fate would only see me slain
Engraved upon the limestone of my battle weary heart
The name of She for whom I wish so dearly to depart

‘Twas here within abyss
That I first died
‘Twas here at full eclipse
That I survived

This flame of ours
Shall blaze through ember
January through December
Endlessly devoted
To the one embrace I care remember
Tender be remembrance
Of a sweet kiss ne’er forsaken
As our pale lips reawaken
In reprise of timeless splendour

‘Twas here within abyss
That I first died
‘Twas here at full eclipse
That I survived

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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