Divine Reinvention

The original version of Divine Reinvention has been published in All of Me Vol. III, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing. Featured art is by Karol Bąk.

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In shadow and light
We entwine
There are two sides to every story
This is mine

I am dying
But then I guess in no small part
We all are
Bury me smiling
I shall tell you what my thoughts are
Underlying every one is primer of calm
Embalmed with She in mind
I dress each platelet as a bracelet of her charm
Would have no baseless qualm about disarming my defences
Should She flood my every sense
Place her hands around my throat
And choke with only the most holy of intentions
Then I would surely die
Without the vaguest apprehension
For detention in her arms
Bids reinvention to divine

In shadow and light
We entwine
There are two lines of sight
This is mine

I am crying
Howbeit these tears they do not sting
For here’s the thing
These fresh springs
Are bereft of remorse
At bequest of due course to make known
That every swollen tear is beautiful when dutiful to growth
The grounds become renewable
Condoned of tone immutable
Each heartbeat then commutable
Its every echo

In shadow and light
We entwine
There are two flames burning brightly
This is mine

I am flying
Akin to black eagle and climbing the skies to thread life through the eye of the needle
Rising from embers
Dismembered from the skin I have decayed within since caving in endangering all days as yet surrendered
Bidding farewell to the flesh She undresses
With the breath of death’s design
Caressing gently back to life
Her wings extend to my delight
For She is everything in flight
My only wish to see her nowise slighted
Bargained not to blight
As She makes fine art of the skies
Paints a masterpiece of mine
Gracing sweetest reinvention to divine

In shadow and light
We entwine
There are two sides to every smile
This is mine

I am trying
To be everything in flight
Each final breath declined invites her striking smile to widen
Every chime of death knell shying buys the time to see her thriving
Every rhyme lends reason to bleed rich in height of season
Midst blackest pitch
I testify
To betterment of She forever striving
Mine is only testament to chase her dreams and better them
The only truth self-evident
My hesitancy dying
For I resist the kiss of death
Unless that be of swift descent
Into the charmed embrace of my reflection crystalline
Into the arms of sweetest reinvention to divine

In shadow and light
We entwine
There are two ways to love to no end
This is mine

It takes two hearts to skip a beat
To make fine art a simple feat
To see inspired a fire to thrive
Survive the wake to feel alive
Two eagle eyes
To see the light
Two bleak skies
To idealise
Should need arise to deeper mine
Two hearts can bleed a feeder line
Find the rhyme to redesign where reason lies
It takes two hearts to reinvent divine
And this is mine

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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