Moonlit Swim

Moonlit Swim has been published in All of Me Vol. V, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing.

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Fast asleep with one eye open
Sank into the deepest dream
A stirring wood
A slumbered stream
Building a bridge in the space in-between
To lose plain sight of conscious mind
Into the night, oneself to find
My musings too profuse to ward
Less night be shorn and dawn break loose
Sank into the deepest dream
To wade through prelude
Thus convey mood every shade serene

Picnic hamper
Cozy blanket
To each sense a handsome banquet
Country miles from lands of languish
Face nowise so pale with anguish
Every night
A rite of passage
Far away from idle habit
Every dream within my reach
And reason sweet to grab it
Here within the deepest dream
Feet of fleeting weave the fabric

A maple ridge
A rocky crag
Faintest trails of roebuck stag
Crystal fountain spilling diamonds
Willing on the shrill of silence
Shimmering to charm horizon
Waters of Poseidon’s skim
Scented of eccentric whim
Beckoning of moonlit swim
My eyes once dim with tears
Now brim with vim and vigour unforeseen
Here within the very deepest dream

Fast asleep with eyes wide open
Every fibre long since spoken
Woven through the fabric of a suchlike other-worldly motion
Under the same stellar moon
Within unbounded treasure room
A dreamboat in the broad lagoon
Of vast imagination
Binding solely elevation
Burning bright to spark creation
Free of fearful trepidation
Tearful in innate elation
Touching each divine abrasion
Every night
A day to relish
Throne room of bejeweled embellish
Sweet of nature and persuasion
Very same in steeped sensation

Under the same stellar moon
Barefoot in the reawakened stream

Here within the only waking dream beknownst to me
My deepest soul be home with She
For She doth redefine the role of queen
Under the same stellar moon
We bathe in lunar rays that boon the waves
To savour grace attuned to faith too soon misplaced by many
Thus, create estate for famed embrace
And do so wide awake
In name of adulation legendary
Sink into the sweetest dream
To wade through prelude
Thus convey mood every shade of luminously seen
Swimming in the moonlit dream
Spun from that which only two as one could e’er conceive
Somewhere in the great space in-between

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. I love this track. Such a wonderful dynamic between lyrics and music propelled by wonderful production..I find myself wonderfully lost ‘ Somewhere in the great space in-between’

    1. The glorious great space in-between is a splendid place to soar. So glad you enjoyed the journey Moonlit Swim chronicles. I wrote this in October 2019 and decided it was time to bring it into sharper focus.

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