Lioness (The Myth Suite)

The original version of Lioness has been published in All of Me Vol. I, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing.

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The Lioness roamed her proud kingdom
Rugged courageous and utterly fearless
Never again would the dawn be so cheerless
For this monarch held untold dominion
If ever a beast stood so peerless
It was She
Deadly and patient
A heady combination
Attuned from creation
And rumoured to be
Heading soon to her next destination
She fashioned enraptured enclave of waves crashing
To thrash through the capture of chapter and verse
Slinking like low level mist through the plains
As she prowled the terrain
Growling at her fated prey
Could not sate or hydrate her dull ache to slake thirst
For the sake of awakening passion accursed
Both berserk and perverse
Telling blessing in reverse
To all those who opposed of her tribe
Held in ferocious esteem within the pride
The Lioness chimed analytical mind
Indeed the whole den had been known to fall silent
On arrival of this small giant
No rival to She
Never unduly reliant on deed
For the King of the Lions
Defiantly snarled of unparalleled pride in his Queen
The roar of the Lioness
Steeped in lunar energy
Moon a mere effigy
Dressed in her essence
As She wrestled the meat from remains of the day
With the thrum of the sun in the braid of her mane
The Lioness roared
Brought down every last stone wall erected
A nation upheld in their glorification
From the crown atop mane to the painterly paws
Not a solitary pause
As the lion King
Of the fame claimed fair game in her venerated name
One fine day
This Lioness Brave
Shall once again
Prowl the terrain
Both deadly and patient
She waits
To undress of her flesh
One last time
Assume position on her hinds
And in keeping with tradition
Take flight
Until such a time
With her true love
The Lion
The pair share a scintillant alliance
With reliance they lounge beneath infinite shade
With the thrum of the sun and its luminescent rays
On parade midst the legendary braid of consolidated mane
Most precious
Daring ensnare every glare of desire
Theirs is the original fire
Burning through eternity
Each echo stampeding of berserk and perversity
Every curse blessed
Undressed of its setting
Bloodletting to sate
Yearning flesh to hydrate
Slake thirst
As they take to the fray
Drift in the slipstream of dreams in sweet wake
As the free breathing streams beneath race
For a peacekeeping kingdom awaits

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. Wonderful to re-visit this poem. This is such a powerful poem, raw and passionate. The reading is exquisite and the combination with Bowie’s Cat People quite quite stunning.

  2. “Thence returning to lounge beneath infinite shade”

    And so you both will 💫 Sich a powerful peek at the live of two Lions we have the blessing to know. Love this version of Cat People and have downloaded it 😀

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