Ascension of Embers

Title art is by Johan Jæger. Closing art is by Aaron Nakahara.

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We can fly high
Rise and shine divine from burning embers

I did not fight it
But delight the pain as each flamed nerve ignited
Burning bright
Returned to sight the kind of learning life provided
Had I swerved the hairpin curve
Then each tear would have been deferred
Confirmed a fate
Conferred of late
And deemed me uninvited
Had I turned the page affrighted
Slurred the words
Blurred lines recited
Then hurt pride would have cried murder
Further worsened life
Until I died a death
Bereft the final breath
To stay alive
Implied that I should take a nice sky dive
Then try to claim it self-defence
While I was hurting for a version of events
Less curt and tense
I must concur
That nonetheless
I did not fight it

Pain had been my compeer
My companion
When abandoned
Understanding the expansion of a mind denied its standing
My entire life imagined
Seemed the worst thing that could happen
At my chamber door a rapping
Then impassioned my awaken
My heart was racing hard
Thus I could hardly be mistaken
And besides
The night was dead
And my bed vacant

I stood naked
In the face of fate
Felt by and large unshaken
Fell silent
In the moment
To compose a potent statement
Death only suggested of my own association
I was loathed to lend perspective to such odious arrangement
So I stepped down
From my podium
Of copious containment
In repose of fate’s estrangement
Thence became

Shattered glass shards of me
Swept the uncharted sea
Galleons bombarded me
Retaliating markedly
To harbour me lethargically and harness me to mooring
When the darkness bled sped night to ripened dawning
The harvest of resilience unbounded
Crowned the mead as I proceeded then to seed
The light of morning

We need not fight it
But delight the pain as each flamed nerve ignites us
Burning bright
Return to sight the kind of learning life provides us
Should we turn the page affrighted
Slur our words
Blur lines reciting
Then hurt pride will flat deny we cried surrender
Further worsen life
Until we die a death
Bereft the final breath
To stay alive
Acquire next tenure
When we can fly high
Rise and shine divine from burning embers

Time is of the essence
As while timely in its presence
It’s forever overspending pending the next fresh supply
Has been known to pass us by
Before we get a grip
Leaving little left to specify
Aside from sinking ship
Then thanking us for thinking this as blip
Searching for a flip-side
While submerging in the riptide
It’s a quick ride to the cliff side thinking quick
Yet our thick hides frame the scars
Of every pain that came to pass
And at the height of mast
We’re stricken by the mist
Washed up on the shore
No more in favour than in kind
Barely strength to raise a fist
And pay sea raven mind
Hindsight in erasure
At the blind side of the chamber
And in clear and present danger of resign
Declaration signed
Out of sight
Delayed of mind
It may be claimed that we have bigger fish to fry
In a world of quick fixes
Everything is at our fingertips
Yet maybe all it takes is flight
To buy the space and time
To kiss goodbye the pain that one day came to pass
Step down
From our podiums
Of copious containment
Seek sea raven’s gaze
And raise full mast
Need not see return the pains that sent us
When we can fly high
Rise and shine divine from burning embers

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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