Canopic Jar of Fears Afar (Lilith Suite)

Listen to Canopic Jar of Fears Afar by Richard Charles Stevens (Lilith Suite)

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Believe it (repeat)
It was around the dead of night
When the night terrors came
And every fear inside was set ablaze
The flame spread far and wide
Denied me breathing space
Exceeding rates of pain my weary eyes had entertained
I cried for help
Alas in vain
For gone was my elastic range
While throng of pancreatic pain
Made haste to drain my gastric vein
Such drastic change of fortune
Had my last breath up for auction
With clear options paltry few
Left to exasperate
I threw the sheets aside
Tried to move to the seat assigned me
But I knew these scheming demons were inside me
Hide and go seek
Had been a game I played contritely
And this didn’t feel the time for leading masquerade
With lacerations smarting
All held dear had near departed
The pathway which strayed from fear appeared uncharted
Needed to be cavalier
To steer the vessel back on course
While jeered by the attacking force
That engineered the manacles
Take a clearly requisite sabbatical
For death was not a thing less than fanatical
One final breath
All I could muster
Eyes possessed
Bereft of lustre
All the while
These demons clustered
All about me
Fierce winds blustered
On the cusp of done and dusted
Seemed unjust the blade be thrust in
Listened to my gut as it was unconditionally trusted
Suddenly less sullen
For another me was summoned
To encourage I address a fresh discussion
With the courage of a brave
I faced each knave on grave percussion
And remained until the day became of night
A once endangered plight
Now had no place for tame affright
Nowise the hostage
I then tossed my chains aside
It was around the dead of night
Whereby the night terrors receded
Stood boldly at the threshold
Felt entitled to exceed it
While final breath confided death
Felt far too blessed to breathe it
Confessed no need to see it to believe it
For even when the demons deemed it necessary creeping
They were under my discretionary keeping

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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