Brave Days

The original version of Brave Days has been published in All of Me Vol. IV, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing. Featured art is by William-Adolphe Bouguereau.

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it takes courage and brave
in the cold light of day
to be quite so bold as to hold onto flame
to encourage all others to do just the same
to inspire the untamed fire desired by those proposed to seize the day
to find a way to play the game when no two rounds are ever quite the same
to stand our ground on divided terrain

no mistake to be made
it takes courage and brave
in the cold light of day
to make plain
in the face of our pains
that we’ll rise from each fall
just the same

often it can seem that life is merely wicked game
some way from full ticket
deep in thicket
cannot see the woods for trees
can scarcely move
can barely breathe
feel rooted to the spot and not persuaded to proceed
the only way to stop the rot
appears to bid concede
state of mind in swift decline
overlapping thoughts entwined
far too fraught to wander blindly
not obliged to ponder kindly
most untimely edges blur
expressions slur
and woe betide we dare to make diversion
from beneath the glare of iron curtain
hurting for relief deemed most unlikely

it takes courage and brave
in the cold light of day
to consider the roots of the trees
to rummage for truths beneath crisp fallen leaves
and encourage their flight in the rise of the breeze
learn to flourish when light is untold as belief
in the choke hold of shadow
simply breathe
catch that breath
granted this is easier when said
much less than done
perhaps we need not evanesce
for actually we’re not the only ones
every tree root overruns
when other branches glance our own
reminding us we’re not alone
providing some place safe to go
no guarantee the bark we weep will ever fully heal
howbeit, should we prime to leap
at very least we feel

it takes courage and brave
in the cold light of day
to delay what we choose to reveal of ourselves when compelled towards fated days sealed
it is ultimately simple elevation
that pays forward, alters course and thus endorses inspiration
desperation has a canny knack
for cutting back our branches
this is why we artists tend to lean towards catharsis
bleed the seeds that feed the trees
lift the leaves and peek beneath
listen for the whispers hinting victory within defeat
should the pain be indiscreet
remain unchanged of dignity
love hard
love unconditionally
and very simply breathe
catch that breath
feel blessed

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. Truly LOVE this, particularly the CBT-esque (is that a word 😅) last eight lines. As you know my friend, I love to cherry pick and this spoke to me:

    “to rummage for truths beneath crisp fallen leaves
    and encourage their flight in the rise of the breeze”

    Love that. I’d been trying to show my truths a few months ago and felt courageous enough to do so without going into the particulars. Thanks to Bernie, family and friends, WordPress support and of course, your own journey. 🌳🛡

    1. You have travelled so far, Mouse. With such brave. And I am way beyond proud of you. Peace is a state of mind so many struggle to find, particularly when mental health triggers can be so plentiful. However, every single trigger is an opportunity to learn. To change our own patterns of behaviour. To gently rewire the nodes. One by one. I am living breathing proof that it can be done. In the past ten months, not a solitary day hasn’t hosted a smile. I have found true calm and serene. And, despite having been through the ringer multiple times, your paws are always pointing in the right direction. So damn proud of you. 🌳🛡

  2. Thank you so much. You’ve certainly helped me come a long way too through shared experience and wise words. We each should keep on keeping on heading towards the stars 🌟

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