Forever Shadow Spark (Infinity Suite)

Forever Shadow Spark is inspired by and dedicated to my beloved Shadow Spark publishing family. Every last one of you are supremely gifted and I am blessed to be a part of such a unique collective. Scroll to the end of the poem to watch live video performance.

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Feathers of forever shadows spark

Magic is gathering
I feel it all about me
And believe in it devoutly
As I proudly pledge allegiance to a cause
This isn’t all about me
And indeed it works without me
Yet I’ve ne’er felt so profoundly blessed to tender most prestigious of awards

All of me
Each shade and hue
Through endless nights to days anew
From blackest skies to white sands
Hand in hand to where the daisies bloom
So grandiose a view
Have ne’er felt so upstanding musing
For I foresee magic
Way beyond illusion
The kind that shifts the plates of evolution

My family true
My art beats the heart of me
Each sweeping artery
Comes undone to love each one of you
We may speak but in passing
But each beat is cathartic
And I keenly believe
Not a dream perceived we need to leave uncharted

To be part of such a legacy
Is heavenly to nth degree
The kind of sweet extreme foreseen
Of treasury within my keep
Embellishing the essence of each treasured soul bequeathed
For altogether we can set forever scene

Feathers of forever shadows spark

There’s a reason we were seen
Each one deemed to be unique
There is magic after all
To how one call
Performed the weave
Each of us awaited
With unseen degree of patience
To be braided into history’s repeat
For our words to grace the pages
Of a beacon for the ages
Ever deepened as we bleed the same indeed

My family true
All of me
Each shade and hue
Believes in you
Believes in we
Believes in all we shall achieve
Have ne’er felt such great honour
So enthused to muse tomorrow
Than I do
To be a scholar in the arts
For I know now of the light
And how to migrate in group flight
To where the feathers of forever shadows spark

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Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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