Maybe, Just (Orion Suite)

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Just maybe

Maybe I’m just too far gone
Maybe my tooth is too long
Maybe I’m asking too much of the world
To feel that I halfway belong
Maybe my fate’s prearranged
Maybe my faith is estranged
Maybe I’m late to the party and hardly a single soul knows of my name
Maybe this lion is tame
Over-reliant on pardoning game
Ever compliant when smiling at strangers
Blind to the dangers I face
Maybe my eyes have been shut all this time
Maybe they’ve been too wide open
Maybe I’ve seen just too much for one life
Maybe my case will reopen
Maybe I’m too badly broken to hope for a mystery cure for my ailment
Maybe straight lines are declining me shining and luring me into curtailment
Maybe the bad days are outweighing good
Maybe I’m doomed to be misunderstood
Maybe I could’ve and would’ve and should’ve
But couldn’t and wouldn’t and shouldn’t come good

Maybe I’m damned if I do
May be disowned if I don’t
Maybe my hands have been tied either way with the same undermining old rope
Maybe the timing is all out of whack
Maybe a mime act will cut me some slack
Maybe that pie in the sky is too high if I side with defense and attack
Maybe inaction will action the traction to slacken the chains on my back
Maybe I’m betting on red when the blood in my veins is already bled black
Maybe I’m dead in the water and oughta be falling from grace as I sink without trace
With a smile on my face that they ain’t having back

Just maybe

Maybe they don’t know the crack
Maybe they can’t crack the code
Maybe the facts speak louder than fiction
Maybe my courage stands proud with conviction
Maybe my diction predicts resolution
Maybe my lips swell with kisses to tell midst a wealth of surreal elocution
Maybe the lion is real after all
Maybe it pays to be kind to the cruel
Maybe, just maybe, one day that they may rise from their falls
Find the prize in their eyes and retire their lost causes
Pausing to sign their own clauses
Escaping realities
Chasing the stream
Maybe in time they can break all their binding
Rely on blind faith to make greater their dreams
Facing the demons arranging their fates
Making plain a more kindly allegiance
Maybe their names can proceed them and lead them to some place less needlessly mean
Maybe freewill will start keeping them keen
Maybe the kill need not be quite so clean
Maybe it pays to play saviour
Estranging a lifetime of hate crime and dyed-in-the-wool cruel behaviour
Maybe endangering lives ain’t the way
Maybe, just maybe, kind eyes will remain
Maybe one fine day the winds will bring change
Maybe I’ll die on that day
With a satisfied smile on my face

Just maybe

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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