Winter of My Content (Ossuary Suite)

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Deep within the inner child forsaken
Deep within the inner child forsaken

Twas was a cold night in December
As I care to remember
September had been strangulated
October mangled and dismembered
Nobody dare mention the senselessly sad end to spent November

Distempered by the manner in which Fall had been felled
I braced myself and soldiered on regardless
My armour chinks blinked as they gaped open wide
While the blank night sky was broken wronged and starless

I had come out here to die
And this severe December night appeared to glean the most lamentable delight from this
All blood in my arteries had frozen
Famous last words were most artfully chosen
And my arms were wide open like a Christ as I invited this

Afraid of what I would become
Should furthermore I come undone
Fate indicated my race had been run
Felt vindicated in hating the sun

Shadows crept in as above so below
Sights and sounds faded
Forbade me to go
Waded the mist
In the midst of my woe
Destiny wept that such scene would forego
Shadows crept in as above so below
And the broken skies then fell about my feet
The broken skies then fell about my feet

Seeking the light that had led me here
Bled me here
Wasn’t about to agree being buried here
Ferried here by self-possessive decree
That there was a thread to be steadily sheared by each fear I obsessed and from death bid relieve

Only one trial left to take
One last tribulation to preempt the wake

No reasons left to ruminate the gloomy fate pre-dated
Which played out many times in my head space
Regrettably the outcome had perpetually remained the same unchanged

Expecting a frosty reception
Was less than expectant of that which came next
Caught me unaware
Span me round on my nexus
As I no longer escaped but faced up to my reflection

Had searched wide and far for the mirror of me
Now this vision stared right back at me in most exquisite symmetry
Unpredictably this duly lifted me from deep within the pits of me
And held my gaze insistently
Held my gaze insistently
Held my gaze insistently

I lowered my broadsword
Slid off my gauntlets
Unfastened my cuirass
Embracing the flame
My reflection then made haste to do the same
My reflection then made haste to do the same

No longer misshapen by tragedy obscene
The rusted bones of winter set a far more dashing scene
Leapt out of my bed with not a second’s hesitation
Elevated greatly by the majesty of dream
Destiny would not see me forsaken of its theme
For deep within the inner child awakened

Deep within the inner child awakened (repeat)

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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