Deus Ex Machina (Galaxy Bounce Suite)

Deus Ex Machina has been published in All of Me Vol. IV, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing.

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Deus Ex Machina
sipping palindromes at noon
amidst the dandelions in bloom
in drift of mist the sirens blew
in evermore defiant mood
she moves with poise and grace renewed
immune to poisoned baits removed
attuned to honour faith and truth

Deus Ex Machina
a vision in true blue
back in the day we used to play
and i would usually lose
together by the riverside
we kicked off socks and shoes
climbed the trees with boundless ease
and dressed belief for two
through thick and thin we stuck like glue
until reluctantly we grew
seemed unproductive such adieu
as we were forced to adulthood
on separate course but due the dawning fortunes to come good

Deus Ex Machina
reconstructed from the parts
of every fallen marble arch
beneath the sprawling ides of march
a thirstful sight for eyes of parch
preferred of light when skies are dark
inclined with ease as seasons pass
the flighted phoenix of a flame
that burns with reason
bleeds with brave
a heart on fire
to breach the waves
that break beneath
to rise again
the seas they part
to seek that famed
midst ocean breeze
that breathes her name

Deus Ex Machina
remembered from the reverie
of every breath togetherly
sweet essence kept of centuries
bedecked in treasured memories
unquestioned of integrity
impeccable of pedigree
unequalled in longevity
conceived at dawn of destiny
the testament of inner sight
is well-advised within her eyes
desensitised to needless blight
anesthetising thieves of night
the mesmerising eventide
of every pain obscene again survived

Deus Ex Machina
to see her is to feel alive
to breathe her air
to care to strive
for every dream that dares to thrive
when all about us worlds collide
to see us lose our minds
we really need not die inside
just need a little silence time
to seek the hiding place denied
by wasted years spent sleep deprived

Deus Ex Machina
proceed towards her testifying light and feel inclined to shine
for she adores our imperfections
celebrates our flaws
reminds us of the cause we need not feel hardlined to fighting for
love is all about us
reconstructed from the parts
of every fallen marble arch
supporting flawless porous hearts
masterpieces one and all
as seen through sheer reflection
attuned to honour faith and truth
through clear innate connection
to see her is to feel alive
to feel her is to keep alight
a flame so bright
it blazes to the height
of my affection
Deus Ex Machina

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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