Blessing in Digression (The Man Suite)

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Deep inside the mainframe of our brains
Beneath the membrane
An express train of stress strain neglect retention fret and pain parades
Like chambermaids our major aim is draining penetration raids
Making sense of feelings lending weight to headless reeling
This masquerade then plays charades
Degrades communication aids
Until we place the blame on selves
In stealth of wealth concealing
Contaminating cells commence their seeding
Screening each breath steaming
Thieving from our oxygen
Until our boxed in chests start heaving
Toxins seep beneath our shielding
Riddling us this and that
Whittling defences down on grounds of insufficient fact
Erratically the static hums as self-assassins bang the drums
Their tactics to make passage runs
To smash and grab our handsome sums
Then splash the cash and take the reins on actioning dramatic cuts
(Dramatic cuts)
(Dramatic cuts)
(Dramatic cuts)
(Dramatic cuts)
Deep inside the mainframe of our brains
Beneath the membrane
The emphatic need to bleed
Relieving tension in detention
Midst steep of apprehension we prepare for misadventure
Unaware of the redemption that reflection tends to tender
Should we possess the scruples of a payday lender
Then we’re spent
Need to learn the purge
Resist the listless urge to burden vent
Take exception to excursions furthering distress
Address the topics logic views as chronic in regress
Less than zero reasons to mislead ourselves
Deceive ourselves when tears we shed replenish
Every time we kindly bleed ourselves
Not too late to stake a claim on famed terrain
Redeem ourselves from making same mistakes again
Embracing pain to make a telling daisy chain from major veins on layaway
Breakaway from naming shaming others while we lay awake
And fame that which we seek to reawaken in ourselves
Reawaken (repeat)
Deep inside the mainframe of our brains
Beneath the membrane
The immense range of imagination
Need not fret of tax evasion
Free to roam the open plains
Go for broke and break the chains
Only we make claim to fame
Possess the tools to change the game
Suspend the rules of known dictate
And leap with chaperone of faith
Collected dues lay destitute
When we refuse selves restitude
In favour of exactitude ingratitude ineptitude
Faithless acts no less than crude
Of destiny disproved
Awaiting fates pre-dated
Not a blessed caress impressed anew
Slaves to our expectant mood
Restrained within asbestos suits
We lose the thread of each tear bled
Commandeer worst fears instead
And yet for all the curses
Every one of us is blessed
Once we learn the ties that bind
Defiantly digress
Tis the most precise of science
More or less
Reawaken (repeat to fade)

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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