Screamtime (Event Horizon Suite)

The original poem Screamtime was based upon, titled Bequeath, has been published in All of Me Vol. I, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing.

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Something wicked this way comes
with grinding teeth and bloody gums
It wants to see you die tonight
It wants to see you suffer

Its eyes are red its soul is black
possessing evil most beasts lack
It wants to see you try tonight
and live to see another

Not without your spirit broken
Begs for mercy softly spoken
Wants to see you cry tonight
and steal away each tear

You’ll know it well before the end
Before its outstretched claws extend
Its truth will be your lie tonight
Its nourishment your fear

You had your chance to run away
Now you’re committed come what may
You’ll wish you’d walked on by tonight
But that don’t matter now

It circles you with harsh intent
You’d better let this vile beast vent
Emotions running high tonight
No chance to talk it down

So let it feed endure the pain
You’ll need each ounce of strength again
For it won’t let you die tonight
that must come as relief

As you endure a thousand deaths
It will be of no consequence
For it won’t blind you from the sight
that it will now bequeath
Urging forth
All force converging
Merging with the flesh
Meshed to attest
Each undressed breath
Verging on insane
The pain is less inflamed
When entertained
Untamed is the beast
Which creeps with fleet
Through labyrinthine veins
Locked within unblinking gaze
Powerless to shrink away
Know not what to think or say
And ignorance is bliss
My pale lips purse
To lift the curse
And peek beneath its veil
Inhale the stale air
Thus declare allegiance to prevail
Bleed it into every sinew
Feel malfeasance discontinue
Herein to congeal the tissue
Gripping blackened lung
I scale the rungs
To height of bane
Introduce the light again
All terrain
To cauterise
While saucer eyes
Delight again
Blighted air exhale
As I breathe frailty back to life again
Then wait until the dead of night
To writhe again
writhe again (repeat)

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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