River Wild, Ocean Deep (Frozen Suite)

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Awaken inner child for thou art seen
Awaken inner child for thou art seen
Awaken inner child for thou art seen
Awaken inner child for thou art seen

When I was a little boy
I dreamed a little dream
Nothing black and white
Yet, every colour in-between
Stretched across the land and sea
Were rainbows in the sky
Knew there was a reason why my eyes remained so wide

Stepped out from the shade and every distant light beguiled me
Shyly I advanced and flashed a timid smile politely
Ventured forth along this course intrepidly and blithely
Cared not to awaken from this dream

Daring to believe that everything was as it seemed
Vast imagination set an acquiescing scene
Better dressing skies comprising stars of timely sheen
Guiding me to paradise foreseen

Had I not been quite so keen
To glean a spot serene
Then I would not have cottoned onto that which later life would see redeemed
Needed to proceed to loss of innocence with diligence
Patience was a virtue with no curfew
Solely imminence

Ignorance was blissful as this one time wishful thinker hid the crystal tears dismissed for years beneath the silt of blinkers
Eyes deprived of twinkle
Sunken treasure in my keep
Even flow of odds before me
Obstinately steep
Talking cheap and walking line designed to hide the dawning light
Reminding that I must abide the rules applied denying me the answers nowise justified to seek

Thrust aside from all I knew
Confined in unjust solitude
With nothing left but intuition
Long obstructed common use
Shouldering the burden of a wealth of feelings hurt
If only I could dare to dream to see them reimbursed
If only there were blessing to address unspoken curse
Then I would break the chains of token worth
I would break the chains of token worth

When I was a little boy
I dreamed a little dream
Streaming river wild to ocean deep
Look into my eyes
Shall find no secret left to keep
Crystalline reflections of the paradise we seek
These guiding lights provide illumination through the blackest nights
Awaken inner child for thou art seen

Dream a little dream
Then make it infinitely bigger
Learn of your afflictions in addition to their triggers
Such could never hope define
The souls of those with open eyes
Once we declare the treasures of the deep
Share the only secret left to keep
Find the long lost peace of mind
Beckoning through second sight
Breach the tide and ride the reef
For paradise resides beneath
This gift bequeathed to all who see the colour in-between
Those who dare to dream a little dream
Awaken inner child for thou art seen

Thou art seen

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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