These Needful Deeds (Melting Pot Suite)

Listen to These Needful Things by Richard Charles Stevens (Melting Pot Suite)

Listen to Melting Pot by The Criminal Minds

needful deeds
these needful deeds

don’t need to be cruel to be kind
don’t need to love tough to say enough and draw the line
don’t need to see what’s trending
to locate the means for venting
don’t need to second guess ourselves
and be so unrelenting
don’t need to circumvent the question fearful of dissenting
don’t need to bleed out needlessly with intervening stent in
don’t need to be so heedless when our deepest dreams seem pending
don’t need to understand to comprehend them

needful deeds
these needful deeds

don’t need to be so underhand when undermanned and vexed
don’t need to gain the upper hand
to leave our peers perplexed
don’t need the interference of ridiculous suggestion
tears are any less than blessèd freely shed
don’t need to hide our eyes when crying
bide our time from seed to dying
feel aggrieved that life’s unfair
when it appears unedifying
be so easy testifying disbelief at every turn
mankind as a collective needs to learn

we need to feel affected
overseen unique perspective
seek the dream believed to be unreachable and best it
vest our interests some place less repeatable digested
some place we are needful of no query to see ceaselessly protected

needful deeds
these needful deeds

need to breathe
when deemed to be
predestined irredeemably
need to read between the lines
to see the light when demons creep
need not rumour doom and gloom
to feed oblique consumer boom
when we can tune into a deeper frequency
we can tune into a deeper frequency

need to stand the test of time and space to make a break for it
need a dream electrified
to wake from it
need a dream electrified
to wake from it
need a dream electrified
to wake from it
(make a break for it)

need no installation kit to pick up all the pieces
need not feel assured the cure is worse than the disease is
need not be facetious when impertinence displeases
need not curse the fertile earth
without it we’d be treeless
need not doubt luck down and out
will come around and even out
run aground profound belief
that we can make bleeds feeding bouts

these needful deeds
paint peaceful scenes
need not they take deceitful means
accommodate conceit
see fit to moderate belief
be seen corroborating hate
with lean composite rate depleting
need the risk
to beat the odds
to reawaken sleeping dogs
to lean across abysses
need to make a lot of wishes
need not skimp on the ellipsis
free the gimp to clean the dishes
need not quill to spill the will to feel the realness of our stitches
to receive the ceaseless riches
goodwill pitches
these needful deeds
would please indeed the mystics

life’s a bitching ride
with nitro-glycerine for lashes
life permits three wishes as to where aladdin’s stash is
likes to stroke our chins
been known to tickle our moustaches
tells tall tales then cranks the rack
may break hearts
but gives them back
knows deep down
we know the crack
on why we should hold back on scratching rashes
need to take the power back
taste each pain and paint it black
raise the stakes and tame the tower
make escape with faith intact
shift stick quick when hitting slicks
hydroplane and fame the drift
break the ties arranged to bind us
blow a misted kiss behind us
life may be a bitch sometimes but she can’t redefine us
hide and seek need not be sneaky
search for clues and here’s a freebie
all we need to reap the richest harvest lies inside us
needful deeds just help us set reminders

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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