Tortured Crimson Verse III



I did as he suggested and took the seat opposite him, only then did I notice the guards seem to relax, just a little, but their body language appeared less strained now that their ‘package’ had been delivered to it’s chair. Still though I could sense them on high alert should things go south, a more stressful job at that moment I couldn’t envisage.


I fumbled in my cargo pants pocket for my notebook & pen, aware of Frosts’ eyes on me at all times, I could feel myself living up to my name as I reddened under his glare with self consciousness. I was determined to do this right, partly for my beloved brothers & sisters of grue but also for myself, I am after all a serious writer & I take my craft damn seriously. I looked up at him as his gaze burned into me, he seemed to look through me & into me at the same time, it was an incredibly unnerving feeling as I waited for some sort of green light or a teacher telling me to turn over my paper & start writing. The green light came quickly. “Begin” he said graciously with a curt nod of the head, the ultimate wolf in sheep’s clothing I thought.


I opened my notebook to the few scribbled questions that I’d meticulously worked on the night before, there were hundreds of things I could’ve asked him but spent many an hour whittling them down to the ones you will see here. I didn’t want to come across as just another interviewer, just another serial killer groupie, or just another voyeur at a freak show, as I said, I’m a serious writer and this had to be done properly. Therefore I tried to avoid being rushed, which was difficult, took a deep breath and as instructed, I began.


“Severin Frost, you look every bit as masterful as I envisaged. I immediately sense your shadowy aura, along with a fusion of sensations. Primarily, there is immense consternation; I know of the suffering you have instigated and the souls you’ve claimed. I feel vastly exposed, an elongated uneasiness and sickness tight down to my nucleus. What motivates Severin Frost to passing these ungodly decrees?”

As I finished the question I looked up sheepishly, admittedly afraid of his reaction to my first foray into his mind.


He stared down at me & folded his arms, only then did I become aware of the huge shackles around his wrists, I couldn’t believe I didn’t notice them before. In my defence, his arms had been by his side, on the armrests of the chair, hidden from view but that just goes to illustrate how motionless he had been upon my entrance because they made a hell of a racket when now he moved. They were huge and looked as if they’d had a good going over with the chrome polish because they gleamed as they rattled. They were loose enough for him to move his arms, maybe rest on the table but they looked as though they could restrain an elephant if needed.


The tension in the room was intense, I could almost taste it, had I said something wrong? Did I upset him in some way? I looked up at each of the guards for a hint but their attention was solely on Frost as he thought & continued to stare at me, until eventually he replied.

“I assume that in there is a compliment, for that is how I will refer to you by the way” he started & I dared not interrupt, besides I wanted him to open up to me & to you my dark brothers & sweet sisters.

“The suffering I have inflicted was just, I have spared many lives, the lives of those who have crossed my path unwittingly. Innocence is neither an excuse nor reason to survive however when I have a specific target or goal in my mind, well then that objective is met, without question. Having said that, innocence will not save you when His dark shroud finally comes to rest on humanity”

He spoke with eloquence yet passionately his pause was not for my next question, just a pause for reflection before continuing.

“Regarding ‘ungodly’ decrees, my decrees ARE godly just not the ‘god’ that you mean, the decrees are all laid out before me by my Lord & Master, THE Lord, the only one that matters, His Infernal Majesty, the dark light in this pitiful world, one day soon you will see this as I do, as I & his legions see it”





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