Tortured Crimson Verse IV



Frost sat there staring at me, this was no attention seeker, he wasn’t just another guy guilty of atrocities then claiming that the devil made him do it. Severin Frost was the real deal, I could see it in his eyes. He didn’t move a muscle yet his face conveyed so much rage & anger, so much knowledge & power, darkness yet much wisdom, then there were those eyes again. Dark, so dark they were almost black, like bottom less pits, I found myself staring into them, I swear I could see in the forbidding depths a distant flame flickering. It was like looking down a deep abandoned well, convinced that you’d seen a light down there and expecting someone to call for help at any second.


The call didn’t come but I felt the grasp of a security guards’ hand on my shoulder as he eased me back into my chair, evidently in my thirst for knowledge I had been leaning halfway across the dividing table, though Frost had remained stock still at my encroachment. I quickly composed myself and swiftly scanned my notes for another question.

“After that I feel an overpowering inquisitiveness” I said, remember dear follower that I had written these questions the night before but how true my words rang as that statement summed up my thirst perfectly.

“You have such an exclusive insight and I imagine you to know more of the Keeper of The Quill than he does of you. Enlighten me please; What awareness do you have of the Rivers of Grue within which I reside?”




”Ah, vanity thy name is Crimson Quill” he allowed a devilish smile to crease his lips and his left eyebrow arched, I dared not interrupt as his head tilted again to his left side, ever so slightly. Was there actually someone talking to him or was this just a mild affectation of his? I couldn’t be sure and was loathe to probe too far on the subject. “Fear not Mr Quill, I know all about you and yours.”



I admit that my palms became a tad sweaty, my foot began to tap involuntarily and my mouth took on an extremely dry quality akin to a Bedouins sandal!

“Please could you elaborate? How could you know of me from a place like this?” I asked partly through curiosity & partly through fear.

“My Dark Friends told me all about you” he said, my fears were partly realized & without thinking I looked to his left to where, maybe, his confidant was standing. Frost simply smiled his blackest knowing smile before continuing “You see, in this place part of my punishment or rehabilitation, call it what you will, is that I’m declined the use of such things as the internet, communication with the outside world is frowned upon, for one such as I at least.” He paused again, looking up at the guards, a symbol of his restricted life “However, my Dark Friends inform me of EVERYTHING of interest to me, and EVERYONE!”

My heart started to beat a little faster now, I swallowed harder to lubricate the desert that was my mouth & throat but before I could ask anything further he started to flow with his knowledge of me. “I feel I already know you, I know where you grew up, I know where you went to school, I know about your family. I know about your friends of many, many years, I know that like your good self they go by equally unusual and sinister names”

Again he paused for my reaction.



For Frost to reel off his knowledge left me a little dumb founded, I wanted to ask more questions, I wanted to know just who his Dark Friends were but I sat there open mouthed, allowing him to chill me further still. “They told me about this Rivers of Grue that is your passion, your love of horror movies, the macabre & all things dark, deadly & sinister. I even know of your particular favourite movies!” Somehow this seemed absurd, this man, incarcerated in an asylum for crimes beyond compare, yet he knew of my favourite movies? Surely not, but then without me uttering my doubt he proved his knowledge.

“The Orphan Killer? That’s just off the top of my head you of course” he smiled darkly, almost smugly, I felt I was simply prey being tossed into the air for the sport of this lethal & dominating creature. “I am aware of this particular feature, sadly unable to view it myself you understand” he laughed with a deep baritone voice, making his shackles rattle together

“Though I’m also aware of it’s star, the delicious Diane Foster, a succubus in the making if ever there was one and of course it’s creator, Matt Farnsworth, from what I am given to understand, he would prosper well under my Lords’ dark regime, a future Leader of Legions indeed. We are watching them both very closely.”

I sat there, amazed at his knowledge, I realized that my heart rate had slowed & I had regained my failing composure, it felt briefly as if I was just talking to a friend about movies rather than a ritualistic serial killer who had immense demonic allies feeding him knowledge of the outside world, my world in particular but my world was soon to come crashing to an abrupt halt. “Your wife” he said to shatter the brief silence. Immediately reality poured in on me, my heart started to pick up pace and the clamminess returned to my palms, it suddenly felt very warm in that room and my leg began to move again of its’ own accord as if warming up to run. “

What of her?” I asked.


“Just reminding you again, I know all about your lovely wife, oh and not forgetting your darling young son of course, you must be a very contented man.” Despite the feelings of heat I was enduring, I shivered as he spoke those innocent but from him, very sinister, words, a sickly feeling started to rise from deep within me, as did I. I started to stand, my only thought was for my family, I considered bolting for the door and never looking back, I wouldn’t be the first & I sure as fuck wouldn’t be the last but he spoke again

“My dear Quill, do you really want to leave without asking all your questions? Surely you want to know what is going on in my mind, in my dark soul? I know there is much in you that courts the darkness, deep within that darkness you want me to be your guide, as I said, I know all about you boy!!” His voice grew deeper, resonating through the table & I could feel the vibration as he boomed back at me “Continue!!”

I was transfixed, by the man, by the creature, by the beast, and he knew as well as I did that I simply couldn’t leave, I settled back into my seat and quickly I moved onto my next question.

“I have become dear friends with C. William Giles, and I believe that he is squarely on your radar. He too is infatuated with the darkness within your blackened soul and, like the Keeper of The Quill, he embraces it. You are mounting your exclusive militia of minions, willing to march forth from the darkest realms by your side. What do you think of Giles’ scribings toward you, the chronicles etched using the virginal blood of the sacrificial lambs that you slaughter?”

“Ah, C. William Giles” he smiled malevolently, knowingly and nodded his head as he briefly glanced to his left again to his unseen ‘friend’, “I must admit, I have very high hopes for that one, he and I share many common bonds. His portrayal of my good self is as accurate as anyone’s could possibly be as he is the only one with direct access to me through my Dark Friends, or should I say our mutual Dark Friends. He is an ally who will go a very long way, his future is assured as will be anyone who joins his Legion, you have chosen wisely in recruiting him to your brotherhood, I see much greatness within your ranks, yourself of course, along with your cohorts, the addition of Giles only strengthens your hand, the future will be written in delicious black and blood streaked with Crimson”


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