Bridge Over Bloodied Water



The blood I doth spill
this river does fill
allow it to soak through your pelt


I open my soul
with one singular goal
that being revealing myself


I’m emotionally naked
reality fading
and soon there may be merely ashes


Metaphorically spoken
my shell is near-broken
and my spine has been littered with lashes


The crimson is warm
I’m watching it form
congealing with feeling and passion


Take heed of my prose
delve into the rose
as there are thorns regimentally fashioned


Allow me to feed
on every drop that you bleed
let my misery guide you to peace


I’m a writer no fighter
  a loveable blighter
but inside lies a ravenous beast


As I ride into battle
I do so without saddle
no sword or armor in sight


My quill is my fury
desiring to lure thee
into the resplendent red light


unbridled red 2

So come take communion
commence this dark union
take my hand as I lead with conviction


I am black I am white
I am weak but have might
I’m fact and I’m very much fiction


Salacious dark dreams
run red through these streams
drink them in with sin and stark relish


Fear not for safe-keeping
don’t look before leaping
for Keeper shall not let you perish


A great mind not wasted
with cruor it’s basted
marinading in glorious sauces


The fluid that spills
my life force refills
perpetual crimson resources


Should I live should I die
should I give up or try
should I bleed or concede to continue


The darkness inside me
could break me or guide me
and I feel it in every last sinew


I shall close with a kiss
for the blood from my wrists
tastes sickly sweet as it spills


I’m bleeding proceeding
receding but feeding
belief straight back into the quill






  1. Emotionally this poem you made my heart flutter..words so true and surreal..people can relate even if halfway across the world.your core can be dark but your soul speaks on a higher level to me.we are all different but uniquely made wth our thoughts and feelings to bare..I get this poem and I thank u for sharing.

  2. My absolute pleasure. This was a deeply intimate piece for me at my darkest point and it just poured out like Crimson. It means a lot to me that you see the beauty in the breakdown. Thank you Sister

  3. No better words said.
    You have a pure and beautiful soul.
    Through all challenges in life you find the light at the end of the tunnel.
    The ability to continuously come back and read over and over again is an incredible gift you give us each and every day.
    I forever thank you for continuing onward and never giving up.
    I’ve always loved this one!!!!

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