Tortured Crimson: The Final Verse



Severin’s words filled me with a conflicting cocktail, part trepidation, part fear & terror but I must admit there was a large part of exhilaration! He was going to ‘send’ for us? Myself & my small army? How much was fact & how much was mind games was difficult to ascertain but as the thoughts & potential flowed through my mind, over riding the fear & trepidation, my exuberance got the better of me. I no longer stuck to my script of pre thought out questions, instead my mind flowed with unspoken promises of dark power & strength alongside Severin Frost & his dark friends.


“There is indisputable exhilaration in me, I question not your dark integrity but seek to comprehend your reasoning. Let me into that contorted cortex, afford the Keeper the extravagance of a twisted excursion into your black matter, I plead of you?”

“Ah, Keeper” he smiled his reptilian smile again, he had me hooked & he knew it as he eased into his chair again. His elbows resting on the chairs armrests, his fingers threaded together, relaxed in his surroundings.

“There are such things in this world that you do not understand, such sights to make you aghast. The story of man is far, far from complete. There are many more chapters yet to be written and I am honoured to say that I shall be playing a large part in all of them” he paused thoughtfully as his eyes bore into me, I could swear the room started getting hotter again “whether it be on this plain or the next, it is of no consequence to me, either way I have been granted the dark delights of my Master & my journey will continue throughout millennia.”

Black Spiral Dancer

He hadn’t answered my question exactly but I didn’t want to interrupt him, besides I wasn’t sure if it was an actual question or more of a mining expedition into his head! He seemed to sense my consternation before I could formulate another question or pry further and he responded.

“I have thoughts for you & your colleagues Keeper, I have plans already in place” the return of exhilaration mixed with fear again. Plans for us? Already? How long had he been planning with us in mind? My questions flowed fucking freely now.


“The Legions have leaders, Princes and Lords, mighty warriors steeped in the history & traditions of our great Master, his Dark Majesty. They know what He wants & how things must be done, there is an almighty plan already in place, some of the smaller pieces on the chessboard are being moved into position as I speak to you now”

Ominous was a word that came to me dear brothers & sisters, but the word doesn’t fully comprehend the feeling in the room or the man now in full flow sitting before me.

“Those leaders each have foot soldiers the like of which few men have ever seen, well, not seen and survived. There is a rank system in place as in all armies, Generals & Lieutenants and so forth, there will be places in these Legions, there will also be need for people in certain ‘strategic’ positions. Some of which have, again, already been filled in anticipation of the future.”


My mind began to spin out of control again as the uncomfortable heat seemed to rise further yet a glance at the guards and at Severin seemed to show that I was the only one noticing it. Were we to be conscripted into a hellish army? Me, a foot soldier or cannon fodder? And against what enemy? Then again, the glory of being a General made me blush with pride, was I and my cohorts thought of that highly? Was Severin making these decisions, did he have that power, that scared the shit out of me but not as much as the thought that his Dark Majesty knew of us and had decreed our future!!
“You are thinking of the opposition, the enemy” he said as if reading part of my mind.

“Well I know something of your belief set, the contempt in which you hold the Holy Scriptures. Have you ever read the Bible, what is your estimation of the way it depicts our flawed humanity and self-destructiveness?”


His nostrils flared as he took in my question, his fists clenched as if I had deliberately provoked him and the anger raged, the guards readied themselves behind me for a torrent of abuse and fury. His head tilted to the side again as his ‘visitors’ spoke no doubt and the spew of vitriol… subsided!
I have no idea what was said to him but a benign smile through gritted teeth and malevolent to the extreme, slipped across his face.

“Goad me no further” he whispered “The day will come when you and yours are Ours, then you will learn the truth of matters. The lies that have been vomited forth in the name of that book and it’s ‘heroes’ will be exposed, its’ teachings and perversity will be put on trial in the most public of arenas. The faith of the faithful will be broken and crushed and what is more……..We will be standing to take them unto Our breast, darkness WILL prevail, rest assured of that my friend, my Dark Friend.”


The heat in the room suddenly became intense; I looked back at the guards who seemed unconcerned by anything. Frost looked at me, very knowingly, the white wall behind him seemed to darken then glow red. Again I looked over at my ‘protection’ who just glanced at each other dumbly then at me with a quizzical stare. I turned to check the other walls in the room, all pure white, just the one behind Severin now beaming back at me with the reddest of hues that I couldn’t explain and seemingly only I could see. I rubbed my eyes and gasped for breath but the glow continued to intensify. Tears filled my eyes in panic, I felt I was losing my mind yet Frost simply gazed at me with a smile of a priest upon his flock, a satanic priest of the highest order.

“The Prince Of Darkness” I mumbled as I wiped my eyes and returned to my notebook, thankfully only having one question left to ask, I had to get through this and get out for my own sanity “has been depicted in ceaseless ways in a vein attempt at encapsulating his pre-eminence and dark majesty. What is his wish from his legions of supporters, how does he recompense those who practice his own teachings?’’ I had done my duty by the Grueheads; I now just needed his response to get the fuck out of there!


“My Lord is depicted in so many ways because he IS all ways. He is whatever you want him to be, dark angel, saviour, lover, he can be revenge or ruthless ambition, he can be passion & desire, he can be contempt or war. All things to all men and women. He is the light in the dark, he is the dark in the light, look for him & he’ll find you. He is the solution to this world.”

As Frost spoke, I swear my brethren; the wall behind him burst into flame, so shocked was I that I could not move except for expelling a gasp of shock. Not only that but the flames raged like a storm of fire, furthermore and scarier to me even than that was that for the first time I could now actually see shadows standing behind Severin, three or four at least maybe more, I couldn’t be sure as they moved and morphed into each other but at least that number stood there, seemingly staring at me!

I reached out to the guards with my hand as if pleading or begging in the street but they again just looked at me as if I was the insane one. They looked at each other before one of them simply asked
“Are you okay mate?”

I pointed to the wall but couldn’t form the words of “Can you not fucking see this you pricks?”
I looked back at Frost as the shadows, clearly his aptly named Dark Friends, bent over and whispered more words into his ear. Then more horrifyingly and shockingly, his own eyes began to bleed. A little at first, from the corners but as I stared with my mouth no doubt gaping in alarm the blood continued to pour from his eye sockets, down his cheeks and drip from his chin onto his polished shackles. My bowels & bladder desperately wanted to evacuate their contents as did my stomach, which instead began to knot and cramp, sweat was already pouring from me due to the heat that I was feeling, my hands shook, my eyes still couldn’t believe what they were seeing.


“You are one of us” he said, as he opened his mouth it now seemed obviously pitch black inside, a nightmare tunnel in a face of blood ”you may run, you may hide but in the end, you are one of us. There is no turning back; you are soon to be Legion. His Dark Majesty has decreed it, you and your cohorts have positions ready made for you, it is just a matter of time before you all fill those positions and aid our battle. I told you early on that we were aware of you all, we have been for a long time my dear Keeper.”


I jumped up finally, I could take no more, I felt the warmth of urine gush down my leg, I grabbed at the door unable to get out. The guards had been caught out and hurriedly tried to calm me while opening he door to my hysterical escape. I fell through the open doorway into what felt like an oasis of cool air and sanctuary. I looked back into the room expecting the nightmare to be over as the guards tried to assist me to my feet but from my semi-prone position I caught a final glimpse of Frost. Surrounded by flames, dark shadows by his sides then just before the door was closed between us a huge shadow rose up behind Frost, it rose to reach the ceiling and practically fill the room, the power, the darkness, the majesty unbound, His Dark Majesty himself. I couldn’t be mistaken, the huge shadow opened furnace like eyes to burn straight at me, his head jerked back and a huge roar of delight and triumph rumbled throughout the room, or was it just my head?


I had no idea, I had but one course of action and I took it immediately without looking back. I ran out of the Hoffman Institute, then sat here to ponder my eternal damnation while writing this. One thing is for sure. It’s going to be a long haul!






C. William Giles





Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill






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  1. This by far is one of my favs..while I felt the emotion in this I to can relate on different levels.. there’s always aprice to pay.. and he always comes to collect.. this whole page was breathtaking.. much love and support to u…

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