Peach by C. William Giles

My eyes grow accustomed to the dim of the room
lying here by the side of my bare fallen angel,
I reach out, touching the smoothness of her torso
her body rocks at my lightest of strokes.
My fingers trace patterns soft on her skin
I stoop to kiss her intoxicating lips
our tongues collide as they explore.

I pull back a little, her body seems to illuminate the room
her skin so pale it almost glows as she pulsates.
I reach for my glass, by the side of the bed
a knowing smile creases her lips.
Savouring the moment I kiss her again,
expectation floods her senses and mine
“Yes………….. do it” she gasps.

Wine pours down over her fine porcelain breasts,
red rivers course over her supple body.
She arches her back at the chill liquid motion
and the wine flows faster, flooding her exquisite flesh.
Back she lies and I gaze at the wondorous sight,
a tiny pool forms in her naval, overwhelmed by lust
I stoop and drink as she writhes.

Teasingly I draw my tongue over her abdomen,
back and forth, slowly carefully.
Her gentle moans turn to breathless pants
and her hips rhythmically grind.
Again I hesitate to take in the sight of her,
an alabaster goddess streamed in scarlet, an irresistible sight.
I slide between her thighs and she prepares for my kiss.

Intimate outlines I trace with my tongue and hot breath,
the effect is immediate as her heart begins to race.
I look up from her sex, her head lolls side to side,
darkness ripping across her skin, gently fondling taut nipples.
Abdomen now gleaming as beads of sweat mix with wine,
her natural feminine scent has me drunk with desire,
I’m trapped in her bewitching spell, unwanting escape.

My attention returns to my pleasurable task,
I quicken my strokes as I tease her wanton flesh.
She stretches her legs now to admit my probing tongue,
muscles and tendons strained to the max.
My hands rest on her inner thighs, over-extended veins rise,
the tension in her body is an almost tangible force.
The end is almost upon us…….as a shuddering begins.

Her hands move to hold my head in place,
her legs move to envelop me, thighs rest on my shoulders.
My tongue reaches in to the eye of her unfolding storm,
she lifts herself from the bed, my hands support her rump.
A cheek in each palm, fires stoked, passion inflamed,
like a starving man eating from a bowl, I almost devour her.
Her mouth-watering femininity, like a ripe peach, drips.

I am lost in her scalding inner-self, above me she writhes,
her thighs squeeze my skull as I continue to feast.
Her nerve endings tingle with the anticipated climax,
mine tingle with sheer exhilaration of her pleasure.
The tension builds to an impossible end, her thighs press,
I almost pass out but passion wills me continue.
Her back arches yet more, she freezes……..then floods.

Appetite sated, pleasures fulfilled
she lies here in my arms, naked as birth.
The after-glow is almost visible, her heat radiates.
My white peach here in my bed, so vulnerable,
she sleeps the sleep of the innocent,
yet with a sinners smile on her lips.
My darkest angel at peace


In Darkness & Fire

C. William Giles



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