The Euphony of Sweet Jaybird


There is a sweet jaybird that perches each day
In any conditions she’s there come what may


This beautiful bird on the sill looking in
Unlocks all that sanctity pent up within



Her wings are deep crimson and dripping with grue
The exact same shade as Keeper bleeds too


It forms in red rivulets around my soul
It fills and then spills from what was once a hole


We bleed and we feed in turn keeping us strong
I lay on the grass as she sings her sweet song


She’s there in the morning, I feel her glow near
The mist now is lifting the climate is clear



The grace of each movement, her soft melody
Reminds me there’s no place that I’d rather be


I sit by my window, awakened and true
I’d follow this Jaybird wherever she flew


We’d soar and explore the red skies as we rise
Twin jets of deep crimson painting the skies



Such altitude reached, we’d climb with dark passion
The canvas would fill with designs we have fashioned


But if we should land in the warmest of nests
We’d come bearing gifts for our glorious guests


My eyes are fixating, my heart is pulsating
My passionate pulse perpetually racing



Sweet Jaybird affection bleeds forth with free will
Admiring inspiring and guiding the quill


I’ll fly by your side with untiring endeavor
And capitalize on this one chance forever


Truly, Really, Clearly, Sincerely,

Keeper of The Crimson Quill



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