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Please if you are easily offended, do not proceed past this point. I am simply paying homage and opening us up for mass debate. Whether you choose to take part in this debate is down to you and your own monster, but if you’re willing to take this pilgrimage with me then keep scrolling. If not, STOP NOW! This will undoubtedly be my most controversial work to date but actually, should you actually read it, it’s just benign Keeper prose. The fact that the S&M taboo is breached quite potently here forces us to rationalize and stops us momentarily in our tracks. It is a delectable dish in controlled servings and neither harm or foul is intentional to anyone depicted.


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It’s a balancing act ultimately, like traversing the tight-rope wearing Doc Martens. One cannot please all at once, no matter how hard one pursues this perfection. It’s also a critical decision which side of the wire you veer towards as it carries with it your integrity as a scribe. Should I pinch myself and remind me that I’m putting my soul out each time I pick up the quill? Of course not, to question is to defeat oneself. I’m sure Jim Morrison didn’t ponder over whether to unleash his rattlesnake during a live concert performance, and Kubrick never fretted over having a wardrobe which consisted of just five suits.


You kinda come to expect it from anyone prepared to not conceal their true souls through their art. madness is only madness to those who don’t understand it. To us goofballs it makes clear concise sense 127% of the time. Every piece I scribe is entirely fragmented from form, as my mind twists and turns I just go with it which is why it produces varying responses. I’m fine with that, hate to think that my work could stop appealing, but have faith that the majority swing will be in favor. Thanks Grueheads!


Recently, during a most menstrual rotation, I led y’all towards the inimitable aptitude of a certain Gladstone Tibbs. His art is unique and fresh but could be misconstrued as being exploitative when, it actually isn’t. He celebrates the female form through artistry involving numerous pop icons and auteurs…and Kim Kardashian. I took a measured risk as one of the belles depicted is actually following my work and may not have made light of it. But I went with my gut as it has got me here after all.


Thing is, it sparked something inside of me. I find the work of Mr Tibbs somewhat arousing and decided to scour for the Grueheads. Nothing crass, or at least not selected because of that, just a harmless compendium of artistic interpretations of famous faces sans clothing and/or dignity. Perfect! We can all appreciate its appeal, pop stars in particular hint at sexuality so relentlessly through their videos, live shows or overall persona so it doesn’t take the longest stretch to imagine them clutching a member or taking a facial fleecing.


I have the utmost respect for a number of the females adorning this article. Case in point…Natalie Portman. From Leon to Closer her metamorphosis has been staggering. In Garden State’s Sam she gave Keeper a true love to cherish and in Black Swan…let’s just say Oscar would’ve had to watch its ass feathers if she hadn’t picked up the prize for her transcendent turn and shattering transmogrification. That’s right, I respect the shit straight out of her balloon knot, I even considered watching The Other Boleyn Girl but I’ve got better things to do with my time, regardless of the fact that she shares the screen with another veritable hot-pot, Scarlett Johansson.


If there was one ass in film history I would just love to take a hunk out of then it would have to be her opening scene from Lost in Translation. The mere thought makes my knee tremble like an agoraphobic hobo. Like two nectarines, lightly fuzzy and full of vitality. The way her ass crack nibbled upon the wispy fabric of her panties makes Keeper come over all unnecessary. Just give me a minute to refocus…one thought of Mariah Carey and I’m game-faced with additional grimace.


Kaley Cuoco was just begging to be entered into the search engine the moment I remembered her name wasn’t Penny. I’m fond of The Big Bang Theory, what’s not to like? I’d never watch it over an episode of Eastbound & Down but it passes time most agreeably for the most part. Kaley is damn-near flawless through my peepers, even dressed down she has a consistent allure about her. Curvaceous and buxom, time will tell as to whether she reveals more of that exquisite pelt but, in the meantime, this will do just fine.


Many find Kirsten Dunst’s admittedly smarmy smile grating, it bothers me not. Whilst only languishing in the middle echelons of my desire pool, she has a Dunst-ness about her which wins you over…or at least it has me. There are, of course, other faces which cause me to twitch uncontrollably but, team player that I am, I include them anyway. Mine is only one taste after all, amongst a vast sea of palettes and who am I to play God? Time to break away Rob Gordon-style and present another of my insights into preference. A baker’s dozen seems like sufficient exposure for the beauties who have touched me in one way or another throughout my filmic and sexual development.

Top Twenty-Six Titties


Diane Foster
Zooey Deschanel
Natalie Portman
Sheri Moon-Zombie
Molly Ringwald
Kate Winslet
Kelli Maroney
Adrienne Barbeau
Linnea Quigley
Danielle Harris
Clare Forlani
Diane Franklin
Jennifer Connelly


Bonus Breasts: Thora Birch, Mia Sara, Lauren Ambrose, Joey Lauren Adams, Catherine Keener, Michelle Pfeiffer, DeDee Pfeiffer, Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone, Rosanna Arquette, Drew Barrymore, Melanie Griffith (Pre-Apocalypse)


Have I caused offense? I trust not as this is just me, sitting, waxing, sharing with good folk. We’re all above the age of consent and, do you know what? Bear with me, if any of us aren’t then Keeper is simply educating regardless of age. Rivers of Grue is all about tearing down constructs, five years in the public sector had me cornered within a labyrinth of unscalable walls. What’s deemed as acceptable is so blinkered to the world we inhabit. Let’s just rinse the bullshit away and see it from a feral standpoint. We’re all primal creatures, designed to pro-create and also to explore.


My hand was not held by my father as I strolled into horror wide-eyed. There was no need, he wished me to experience it on my own terms. He schooled me well and knew of my gentle manner so embraced my passion, ignited it. He empowered me to make my own mind up, gave me my manhood and I’m proud as 1000 punches to share his bloodline. It is possible you may have had to lower your brow somewhat to view this one-off double-header, especially if you entered the dungeon, but hopefully it has sparked healthy debate too. If it does this then it’s the stroke of genius and if not then a madman. I like to think it’s a dash of both, although benevolent madman has a better ring to it.


Truly, Really, Clearly, Sincerely,
Keeper of the Crimson Quill
#BrutalWordWrangler #CrimsonHoneyDripper #CruelWordSculptor
Copyright: Crimson Quill: Savage Vault Enterprises 2013


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