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What a delightful evening’s entertainment. It was now 7 am and the sun was beginning to filter in through the blinds while Delilah and Eloise continued to slumber. Last night’s exertions had proved exhausting, particularly for Delilah who was still adjusting to the ebbs and flows of being lycanthrope. The first dual feed couldn’t have gone more to plan, they certainly hadn’t rid the world of any adept pilots or surgeons and neither man was likely to be missed in the greater scheme of things.

Ellie had allowed her quarry to remain right through the copulation until the moment his toes started to turn. Then, with his orgasm tantalizingly a few strokes away, she denied him in the cruelest manner possible and tore into him before he could get the release he craved. She sank her fangs into his chest with enough tenacity to dislodge a number of his ribs and began fashioning a path around his heart until she gripped the bloody muscle within her smiling jaws. He had died instantly, unable to scream as her fist was plunged into his gaping oral cavity and his tongue was pulled out before he knew what was happening. The tongue was beside the bed, sitting proud like a war ribbon, and she had every intention of pressing it into her scrapbook. She was tired of tree etchings anyhow and this just seemed to speak to her that much more on a personal level.

Death for One Nut had been similarly swift in its execution and she burrowed into his abdomen with her elongated talons and pulled him free from his stitching. She had been astonished by the length of his unraveled intestines. Even had she suffered from excessive club foot then skipping rope with his guttural string would have been more than achievable with the length of slackened organ she hoisted free. They laid at the floor beneath him, wound around like a lasso and dripping sanguine sauce all over her friend’s Persian rug. He had bled out in seconds and his blank death stare exhibited no pleasure, only infinite agony.

They snoozed until about quarter past and then Eloise’s shrill wake-up call jostled both girls from their slumber. She groaned “ten more minutes” but Delilah was up like a whippet and already preparing pancakes and syrup for breakfast in the kitchen. She had strode nonchalantly past the crime scene, stepping over the dead man’s giblets and paying them no mind. She didn’t traditionally do mornings but something about today just felt different. She had awakened filled with sense of adventure, revitalized by their late night snack and buoyed by her total lack of remorse. She should have felt some degree of self-condemnation for snuffing out an existence with such ease but instead she felt a sense of accomplishment.

“It’s a beautiful day out there hot lips” she called out as Eloise writhed around crotchety, voicing her disparagement through a series of low growls and grunts. Delilah served up the food and returned to the bedroom to share her animation. “Come on sugar tits. Assholes and elbows. Let’s be having you”. Ellie glared at her, rubbing her sleepy peepers before accepting her black coffee with just a nod. After a few seconds she felt alert enough to weigh in. “You know, you never cease to amaze me girl. Twenty four hours ago you were an emotional train wreck, falling apart at the seams. Now you think nothing of gutting some greasy low life and excavating his stomach lining all over my favorite Persian. What gives?”

“Twelve years Els. That’s how long it has been since meat passed my lips. That’s a lot of salad and, trust me, dressing doesn’t make that much of a difference. Do you have any idea what its been like watching you with your buffalo wings while I’ve ploughed myself with shrubbery like some pathetic herbivore?” Delilah was smiling as she vocalized this but Eloise was mindful of the bitterness in her tone. “I’m hungry again Els. Famished. Fuck these pancakes, let’s go get ourselves a bite to eat” she suggested. “Er… babe. Take a look around you. Does my place look homely to you? If the answer to that is no then maybe that’s because there’s a disemboweled carcass suspended in the corner and I haven’t the faintest idea where I left that heart.” Delilah surveyed the room before piping up “Looks homely to me”. “Shit girl, we have got to work on those issues.”

1369401128_A shower - a woman (use your imagination) _1

Ellie woke herself up with a brisk shower which seemed counter-productive considering the mess she still had to clear up but the exertions of the night before had left her muscles aching. By the time she padded back into the bedroom she was stunned to see that Delilah had got it all shipshape. A refuse sack bulging with gnawed appendages was all that was left of Eddie and One Nut now, aside from Ed’s tongue which Eloise had designs on already. “You’re so my bitch” she quipped. “I got your bitch, slag” Delilah replied, at which point, both ladies burst into uproarious laughter. “I love it when you call me that. Slag!”

They drove Ellie’s old Cadillac to the outskirts of town and disposed of the bag of limbs in the nearby estuary. They sank without trace and, while this wasn’t a particularly long-term solution, they figured a few weeks like this would allow them to leave state and find some fresh hunting grounds. The men’s wallets had contained almost $600 and Eddie had been foolish enough to save his personal card pin in his phone contacts so money was beginning to become less of an issue. Ellie was a month behind with her rent anyhow and never intended to square up with her landlord. There was mould in the shower and nothing had ever been done to restore it so she figured old Mr Lester owed her.

“So, do you fancy maxing out this chump’s card and having a spree? It’s been so long since we did that last babe”. The kind of mood Delilah was in she didn’t take a great deal of convincing and her eyes lit up at the notion of going shopping for clothes. She loved nothing more but had spent the last nine months saving for surgery. Priorities had changed now, the werewolf is a proud species and she no longer felt the need to conform. Eloise had always had larger breasts and was always complaining of back pain so it seemed wiser just to accept the hand she had been dealt at this point. Besides, with the sudden inflated income, they would soon be quids in and money would cease to be a concern.


They were just about to return to the car when appendages started bobbing up to the surface. “Son of a bastard gnome, the bag must have broken” Ellie tried to prod them down with a twig she found at the quayside. “It’s my fault. I really wanted to finish my meal but indigestion was a bitch. My system hasn’t been used to processing meat the last decade or so”. She waded in and collected the runaway body parts before returning to the car trunk and grabbing the jump leads from within. She then wrapped them up tight in a cluster and dropped them back in the swim, only this time about ten yards farther out where she could no longer reach the bottom on tiptoes.

“Resourceful little minx ain’t I? Now let’s go wreck some plastic. Maybe we can stop at that steak house on the boulevard, I’m beyond starved”. Ellie replied “You’re really making up for lost time ain’t cha?” “Fuck watercress, fuck goat’s cheese and, most of all, FUCK OLIVES!” was Delilah’s rejoinder to the poser. Being a self-confessed whorewolf had numerous distinct advantages, one of which was a far greater sense of identity. She felt that unerringly with Eloise but, as for the faceless men she screwed on a bi-nightly basis, she saw the contempt in their eyes and none of them once actually made love to her. Maybe it was the fact that they knew they’d be $100 lighter in the pocket at the close ($150 with added rim job and furnishings). Whatever the reason, they never made her feel better about herself.

“I’m horny Els” she stated. “Dang girl, ain’t no pleasing you is there? Tell you what, I have the strap-on at home. How about I tie that moron’s tongue around it and clear out some of those cobwebs for you?” “Then can we eat later…find some more meal tickets?” “No Delilah. Not tonight dear. There is no full moon until the weekend. This is what I like to call a lean spell. You’d better get used to it”. There always had to be downsides, finally she felt alive and was simply dying to grab herself some more of that feeling but life always seemed to find a way of pissing on her paper airplane before it could take flight. “Fine! I’m not happy about this Els”. “I don’t make the rules…” Delilah interrupted her flow “But you do sound suspiciously like an old fishwife right now…You slag” was Delilah’s pitch perfect response.

Three days seemed like an eternity and Delilah had begun hanging for another fix but towed the line. They hardly left the room, other than to repopulate their wardrobes. They spend their time watching the Discovery Channel, possibly as a way of becoming closer to nature, and stocked up the refrigerator with raw steak to stave off the tummy grumbles. Eventually, what felt like a month later, Saturday came around and it was time once more to stalk some prey. Little did they know that somebody undisclosed to them had been intently watching their every move all week, staked out less than fifty yards from their safe house and keeping constant vigil. The hunters were being played at their own game it seemed.



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