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Delilah pruned her legs twice in preparation for the girls’ big night out. The hairs had grown more coarse over the past few days and, in truth, a sickle would struggle to achieve the close shave she required to bust out the black fishnets Ellie had lent her. Fortunately, an old pair of toxic green leg-warmers were on hand to cover Wolf-Gate and, by the time any potential quarry had become entangled in her dense pubic thicket, she would have sunk her incisors deep into his flesh and commenced scoffing. She had spent a year in Berlin as a teenager so simply considered her new look to be European.

Music always played a key role in preparing for a night on the tiles and tonight was no exception. This was no time for Radiohead, she was finished with feeling hard done by and seemed genuinely infused by the prospect of letting her inner beast snarl, and had every intention of making the best of an admittedly pear-shaped set of circumstances. She still found herself weighing up the pros and cons of course, but there were decidedly more reasons to be cheerful seeing as she had an associate in any projected debauchery. The pair were undeniably close and at least with her BFF’s implication she was less likely to awaken alone in some primate’s compound. Best friends stick together, monobrow or no monobrow.

“How do I look?” she asked, knowing full well the answer but fishing nonetheless as she needed to hear it tonight of all nights. Eloise looked her from top-to-toe. “I’d tap that sister” was exactly the response she desired and, with that, she straightened her cleavage and gestured towards the exit. “You are an eager beaver. Someone excited?” Indeed she was, she felt ravenous for sex and her quim was puffy like an inflatable ring. “It’s randy work being a werewolf” Delilah stated. “Werewolf is so eighties. Let’s be whorewolves. Trend setters you know?” She considered the alternatives and it seemed far more alluring than she-mutt or Benji. Whorewolf. She welled up at the honor bestowed upon her.

“Before we go. Is there any housekeeping I need to be aware of?” “Housekeeping? You know, rules?” Eloise pondered momentarily and could think of only one. “If one of us dies the other must too. You know, like Thelma and Louise”. She didn’t ask for much, sheesh. Despite the seemingly unrealistic request, Delilah agreed instantly. “Honey, I have nobody else in my life but you. Not really. At least no one to die for. I’d perish for you and only you. To the end”. This excited Ellie no end. “To the motherfucking end”. She knocked back her tequila and grabbed her coat.


They visited a local bar which they had been known to frequent. It was grimy and populated with the kind of deadbeats who would make a perfect first course. Reprobates gathered there, licking their gums at the prospect of bagging themselves a brass and willing to pay handsomely. The girls knew how too fling out and retrieve the pussy like furry boomerangs. They bided their time until which point as they both felt inebriated and conferred the options. Eventually they whittled it down to two potential playthings. They were aware that the men had been looking over and attempting eye contact. Neither were stringy, there was ample meat to lick off the bones and the girls’ tummies had begun to growl.

Eloise leaned into her ear and remarked “Meat is murder”, to which Delilah immediately responded “Let’s go murder”. She had changed her tone considerably and this pleased Ellie no end. “I gotta give you kudos. You got some big balls under that skirt”. “They’re not showing are they?” she joked, winking at her friend who was genuinely astonished by the turnaround and more than a little turned on by it. She then went one further, gesturing the men over and licking her lips in a most suggestive fashion. This wasn’t an attempt at clearing a dash of spinach from her teeth. This was game face time and few males would be equipped to deny their loins at what this pair of firecrackers proposed. It was mealtime.

The two guys were all teeth and brogues, perfect as an entrée and neither likely to put up any notable resistance. They could hardly walk in a straight line and, at one point, appeared to be lumbering right by them as they had clearly had a skinful of cheap whiskey and were in no fit state to fuck. This didn’t faze the girls one iota as they had other things in mind, all of which involved shredding them like junk mail. Besides, this was Delilah’s maiden outing since blacking out the night previous and easy prey had a much more appealing ring to it. Call it fast food.

“Hi. How y’all doing? Mind if we…” Delilah didn’t mind. The bumbling buffoon didn’t get to finish his sentence as she had her tongue in his mouth, in the interests of cutting any bullshit and getting to the meat and potatoes. The other fellow looked like one of life’s lottery winners and turned his attentions to Eloise, hoping to get the same lip service. “Get down on your knees” she insisted, to which he instantly conformed. “Now lick my shoes” she continued and, once more, he did as she asked, running his tongue along her six-inch heel and looking up for approval.


She leaned in to him and whispered in his ear lobe “You’re a pathetic piece of shit and I’m going to tear your spleen out”. He looked confused so she spoke a little louder this time. “I said I’m going to fuck your brains out”. This time he got it and scrambled to his feet excitedly as though he had never before seen a vagina. “Where…here?” Ellie ignored his misplaced intellect and led him off but not before alerting Delilah who swiftly followed with her own douchebag in tow.

It was about a mile walk back to Eloise’s place and the girls began to lose patience as remaining vertical was posing something of a challenge for the drunken men. “My name’s Eddie and that there is Frank but we call him One Nut”. “Do we look like we give a shit about your names?..” Delilah took charge “… you both have dicks right?” Eddie giggled gormlessly “Yes madam we do”. “Great then shut your drone hole and keep walking. Let’s not pretend this is about anything else than you licking my clit”. Of course this was a red rag to the bull and it worked marvels at picking up the hopeful pair’s pace.

Eloise cast her gaze upwards and the moon was almost full. She was already feeling that yearning and could smell Eddie’s flesh over his pungent aftershave. Eventually they arrived and the girls bundled them inside hastily as the primal cravings were beginning to manifest and they didn’t fancy making their transformation public knowledge. “Strip. Everything off…” she pushed him onto her bedstead “Let me see that meat. I’m famished”. He didn’t procrastinate in unzipping his denims, attempting to give his tool a few encouraging slaps before tugging it free from the teeth of his jeans. “That is hmm… well beggars can’t be choosers I suppose.” She pounced on him, hoisting up her skirt and guiding him straight inside her.

Delilah had One Nut pinned against the wall and was licking his mid torso while he writhed blissfully unaware of the grisly fate which was advancing fast. She was picking up the scent of his intestines and wished to wear them around her neck like a bloody garland. Upon whipping his jockeys down aggressively, it became clear that One Nut was an apt name as his solitary testicle made him look decidedly lopsided. “I was considering wearing your balls as earrings so it’s a good job I only have one pierced” she teased. “What did you just say?” he inquired but she didn’t answer him. Instead she licked her lips and prepared to wave goodbye to her vegan diet once and for all.


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