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Delilah pushed her fresh prey onto Eloise’s queen-sized mattress. He landed with his pathetic grin still very much intact. She couldn’t wait to sink her incisors into him, this was exactly the kind of walking talking shit-kicker she intended to rid the world of. “The name’s Blane in case you were wondering”. Blane? Fucking Blane? She had him down as a Chad or, at a push, a Hank but not Blane! Granted he did look like he’d been cryogenically frozen in 1987 and recently thawed out but the name just didn’t fit the face. Not that it mattered one iota, she would be pulling the flesh from that face in just a few moments but… come on… Blane?

She hid her cantering mind well. “I don’t give two rat shits what your name is bozo”. Blane’s feelings appeared to have been hurt by this blatant admission. What was he expecting? He’d picked up a couple of game hookers and was about to get blown for the first time since his mother’s dentures came out last so he shouldn’t have really cared. However he was a sensitive soul at heart and this was the second time now that the girls had belittled him. That just hurt his feelings.

He pushed any disappointment aside and reached in his pocket for his wallet. “$150. It’s all there. Count it if you want. I have to say, I find you a tad militant”. “Excuse me?” she retaliated in typically militant tone. “Listen honey. I didn’t see anyone else stopping for your tired asses. You should learn a little about manners some time”. Eloise had now joined them and was flexing her fingers in preparation. “I think it’s time we showed Bill all about our etiquette” she retorted. “The name’s Blane. Blane!”. “Shut your filthy shit can Bill” was her lightning comeback. Bill, I mean Blane, promptly did as she requested.

Neither girl could hold it off any more, it was time to feast upon this gutless excuse for a man’s gizzards. Just as they were about to commence their metamorphosis they were startled by a voice coming from behind them. “You really should use your dead bolt Eloise”. She swung around and her eyes baulked as she located the source of this unwelcome audio. “Candy!” she blurted. “You two know each other?” Delilah inquired while Blane just grinned ever wider as things were getting freakier by the minute. “Yeah, you could say that hun” was the intruder’s reply.


Delilah glared straight at Eloise and mouthed the words “What the actual fuck?” to which she responded “Her and I go way back. Further back than we do”. Blane couldn’t help his mouth running off. “This is all delightful. Now about this blow job…” “You’ve both been bitten haven’t you?” was Candy’s next poser. “What the fuck are you…” Delilah’s embittered words were cut short by the new arrival. “I’ve been watching you for the past week ladies. I know what you’ve been up to. By the way, wrapping a load of body parts up in jump leads…smart…real smart”.

“How do you two know each other?” she asked and Eloise looked totally deflated as she gave her reply. “We learned the ropes together and lived together in digs for over a year. Then this tramp decided to take off with every last thing I owned”. There was intense vitriol in her prose and she was positively seething that she would have the audacity to show her face after what she did. “I got a better offer. Business is business babe”. “You got… YOU GOT A BETTER OFFER? You even took my grandmother’s wedding ring. She carried that shit through Auschwitz you cunt”. “Yada yada yada, so sentimental. It makes me want to puke up a kidney”. “Please do” Delilah sarcastically interjected.

While the three ‘bosom buddies’ were up in one another’s grills Blane had reached over to his discarded pants and was grabbing his pistol. He was off duty tonight but carried it with him everywhere, had done since joining the force. None of them bat an eyelid as they were deep in their three-way dagger throwing competition. By the time they became aware of him once more he had the firearm pointing right at them. “I have to say that I find this all very touching but I’m going to have to call time on your reunion”. This got all their attentions.


“No sudden movements. This thing lives loaded and I got three in the chamber for whichever one of you skanks who fancies shaking a tail feather any closer”. “You have to be kidding me Blane” Eloise was dumbfounded. “The name’s Bill bitch and you have the right to shut the fuck up before I put one through your temple. Just one question…how the hell did you know my name’s Bill?” “Fluke. Hand on heart”. “Whatever, all three of you hussies are going to walk to that corner of the room and lay face down on the deck. Then I want you to tie the other two real tight” he gestured to Delilah. “You wanna know why I picked you? Well I’m gonna tell you anyway. I didn’t like the way you spoke to me back just then and I’ll have this barrel resting on the back of your cranium, just itching for you to try something”.

They did what he insisted. None of them fancied taking bullet, silver or otherwise. “Right now the mouthy one…” Delilah looked over “…yeah you. I want you to get up slowly, open my trunk. It’s not locked. Go and get my rope and bring it back here you hear. Slowly or I’ll show you why I was gun slinging state champion three years on the bounce”. He stood in the open doorway and watched her intently, keeping the other two girls in his secondary vision the whole time. She retrieved the rope, no qualms, and shuffled back inside where she commenced binding Candy first. She tied her wrists with a length of rope, pulling tight enough to cause a yelp and trying her best to make it so. “Oh I’m sorry. Have I been a little rough?” “I’m going to insert my ten inch heel run in your vadge when I get out of this” she spat with venom. “Now tie her ankles” was his next instruction.

After tying both girls and gagging Candy with a little surplus rope, Delilah laid back down and Bill fastened her too. “What are you going to do with us? Your approach is a little unorthodox if you really are a cop” Eloise investigated. “No I’m a cop. But it’s my day off. Besides, I got other plans for you three. Y’all are going in my trunk. It’s not the most spacious I’m afraid but I reckon I can just about squeeze you bony bitches in there with a little elbow grease”. He crouched in front of them waving his firearm at each in turn. “I really hope one of you gets courageous. I triple dare ya”.

Delilah could feel her blood boiling and desperately wanted to rip this guys head off and shit in his neck funnel but thought better of it. Eloise had a similarly dour look on her grill whereas Candy appeared to be taking it all in her stride and laid completely motionless. Either that or she was frozen in terror. Either way, her jaws were strapped shut and neither of them gave a flying shit about anything she’d have to say. What they did care about was one another and they both knew the consequences to any false move at this point.

He pulled his automobile to the doorway and, one by one, loaded them up until all three were uncomfortably lodged. “Well ain’t that a bitch’s nephew. There’s not enough space”. He slammed the boot shut with force and instantly Delilah cried out as being last in meant it was her elbow which popped out of its socket. He opened it once more and repeated the feat, hitting the fractured appendage once more and sending bone splintering through her contorted arm. “Before we set off I had something I want to share with y’all. You remember this guy?” He pulled a picture from his wallet and Eloise knew straight away that things were about to get a lot worse. “This is my brother Eddie. I believe you’re already acquainted. I’m going to rather enjoy this” he snarled. “By the way Candy, I know we had a deal and I do thank you for the Intel but I’m afraid, when all is said and done, you’re just a whore too.” Then, with one final bone-crunching slam he finally got the trunk closed and nonchalantly returned to his driving seat.


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