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Identical twins share. From their outward appearance to their symmetrical chromosomes their bond is unbreakable and, to many, unfathomable. Alice and Annabella were two such siblings. From a casual glance they could almost be one and the same; they dressed that way, styled their hair in the same manner and even their mannerisms echoed one another. It was uncanny but a source of much comfort to them as they were secure in the knowledge that, should one of them fall, then the other would always be on hand to help them back to their feet and dust them off.


Considering the obvious parallels, not fingerprints which were totally unique to each of them, their fortunes were wildly varied. Alice was well liked at school and the object of many a freshman’s affections whereas Annabella was never paid a secondary glance and had absolutely no friends to speak of except for her sibling. She was insistent that she didn’t wish to be known as a charity case thus Alice left her to her own devices. She appeared to take it all in her stride and was unfazed by the total lack of popularity amongst her peers. Despite her brave face she looked forlorn; eyes sadder, skin paler and a smile which was far more fleeting.


At home things were far from ideal too. Alice was the golden child and apple of her parent’s eyes. Everyday when the twins returned from school their mother would rush to the door to greet her and ask about her day whereas Annabella was simply ignored. It wasn’t as though she didn’t love her other daughter too and occasionally Annabella snuck downstairs and caught her sitting at the dining table looking over the twins’ scan photos with an adoring gaze. Yet she never felt accepted in the same manner and couldn’t shake the feeling of loneliness which had chaperoned her through her childhood.


Sleeping arrangements were far from ideal and their bed was hardly large enough to accommodate both. Alice had a tendency to flail during her slumber due to recurring night terrors so Annabella often resorted to pulling up a blanket aside the bed and taking the floor. She also had lurid phantasms night after night although, being of a darker disposition than her sibling, she actually welcomed them. As each new day dawned the cycle would perpetuate and Alice woke with verve and purpose whereas her twin shared none of her enthusiasm. Why the hell should she? Nobody seemed to care what she was going through, she had just turned sixteen and had never been kissed.


The birthday soiree thrown in their honor was a sham. Being identical twins sucked at such rites of passage as everyone offered combined gifts for both even though they never seemed to be of interest to Annabella. Yes, they were joined inexplicably but that didn’t mean they were conjoined. Alice loved all things technological whereas her sister preferred ornate trinkets and the like, possessions of far greater character than a brand new, all singing and shuffling iPod Touch. It wasn’t that Alice wouldn’t have shared, simply that Annabella showed zero interest and seemed content to let her twin hog the limelight.


Speaking of which, Alice had become quite the hit at school in her final trimester and the boys had begun to flock. Her long, lustrous inked locks and expansive emerald eyes drove them to distraction and, despite being something of a late developer, her breasts had recently augmented and were now perfectly rounded orbs. Despite the habitual attention, she had still not acted on her hormonal impulses. Second base, sure, but her ripened cherry had never been popped and she remained defiant that this would remain the way until that special someone appeared. High school boys didn’t interest her; too churlish and immature. Her prince would come but, when he did, he would arrive on a handsome steed, not a pair of roller boots.


Chance would be a fine thing. Annabella was far more in tune with her sexuality and those nights spent on the floor paid frequent host to intimate touching. While Annie was spreadeagled luxuriously across her divan, slumbering peacefully, Annabella was getting herself off, biting her lip and tweaking her nipples. In school she would be the kind of girl labeled a freak if only anybody paid a blind bit of difference. Sometimes she would dress more provocatively, reveal a little more cleavage than her sibling and apply more make-up but never an eye was blinked her way.


Tonight was prom night. Traditionally this was the most significant date on any teen’s social calendar and Alice had been siked about it for a full month. Her suitor’s name was Callum and he was a little different from the other boys at school. Less bravado, more scruples and kind eyes which suggested he would treat her respectfully. He had left it late to ask her and she had begun to lose faith that he would, even though they exchanged glances each time they passed in the hallway and it was clear he was into her. To her, this was to be a monumental evening, full of tampered punch, last dance nuzzles and the fumbling of bra-straps. Nothing more, she wasn’t ready just yet.


Annabella needed tonight like a hole in the forehead large enough to feed a poker chip through. She didn’t give a damn what band were playing or who was to be crowned homecoming queen. It sure as shit wasn’t likely to be her. She’d just lurk at the sidelines like she invariably did at any event such as this. While all the others were jovial she would just imagine how their faces would look after they had been compacted by an oversized anvil. That was just her, a dark side is easy to misinterpret but it can exist as a coping mechanism to avoid recurring disappointment.


Callum arrived on the dot and pulled up in a black stretch limo clutching a bunch of cheap tattered roses and clad in his uninspired rented tux. Alice seemed to buy into his shameless act but Annabella wasn’t having a bar of it. Of course, he was the perfect gentleman. How long the charade was maintained depended entirely on the time it would take to weasel his way into her red cotton panties. She was going to remain vigilant, stay the voice of reason and watch this sorry fuck like a sentinel all evening until he made his wrong move. How dare he assume that her virginity is under his jurisdiction, who died and made him swinging dick?


As they arrived at St. Augustine’s for the planned cattle market, Alice heard her favorite song commencing and rushed inside while Annabella hung back to eavesdrop on his conversation with fellow penguin Greg. “Dang. She is just waiting to be pounded brother. God speed to you sir. One question: does she have a sister?” Callum looked around at his associate with a shit-eating grin which Annabella wished to stab off of his smug face and replied “Funny you should say that. She was a twin apparently. Her sibling was ectopic and died early term. Vanishing twin syndrome I think they call it.” Greg shrugged “Damn shame if you ask me. Could’ve been a double-header.” Callum stood without any flash of sentiment “You’re a sick puppy my friend” he remarked before touching knuckles and heading back inside. Annabella followed.


He was found in a ditch on the outskirts of town with his throat wrenched clean free the following dawn by a passing delivery van. The ordinarily peaceful town was left in utter disarray as it was clearly a case of foul play. Alice was initially a suspect as, whoever committed this vile act, was evidently around her size and build according to the autopsy report. However, despite the suspicion leveled against her, no charges were ever raised as the prints left strewn across his eviscerated throat simply didn’t match.


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