TOK Murder Crew: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

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It’s a wrap on Day Five and what a glorious affair it has been. Our first night shoot was memorable for so many reasons, none more so than the unveiling of Baby Sister for the first time as she joined her sibling for the savage butchery. They weren’t lacking in the brutality stakes but there was a distinct lack of etiquette as they toyed with their prey in a truly disconcerting manner. To be a part of such an iconic moment in horror film history was an exclusive honor and would strike fear into the proudest cub.

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As promised, y’all get the scoops as they happen and, let me state this very clearly, she was truly terrifying. When this film launches we are going to witness the birth of the next true horror icon and, as expected, Diane Foster lived up to her billing, and then some. We have suffered alongside Audrey as she has been sent to hell and back but, second time out, she ain’t returning. Instead it is bottled and exists only in her magnificent peepers.

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Keeper had the ominous pleasure of staring these whirlpools head on and it is an experience I will never forget. It culminated in something which effortlessly ranks as my proudest artistic endeavor and I found myself lending more of myself than even I was aware I could ever give. That is what happens when you work with a professional you have nothing but admiration for…you raise the bar. Last night that bar was nowhere in sight, every inch of punishment was dished out with authenticity and every last attack landed in real time.

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I pledged blood, sweat and tears to this pilgrimage from the start and can safely state that the three were in abundance as the LA suns slinked away and the punishment commenced. I have watched more horror movies than Lewinsky has given head and certain scenes have stuck with me for their seamless brutality. One of the two kills logged last night is bound for remembrance and unparalleled adulation amongst aficionados and will still be talked about in horror circles long after my ashes have dissipated. Yes folks, it really is that phenomenal a dispatch.

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There are numerous reasons why this will cause the buffs to prejaculate their smalls, the chief one being the sheer menace in which the Millers set about their work. Marcus finally has his playmate and she is playful in the most heinous way imaginable. Together the dark energy intensifies way beyond anything as trivial as fever pitch and the chemistry is there for all to feast upon.

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Another reason why this slaughter stands head, shoulders, knees and toes above any other is a certain gentleman named Simpat Beshirian. Severed Souls provide the splatter and this one-man army is someone I wish to refer to, not as a damned good special make up FX artist, but simply as a wizard. I reserve that term for the Savinis, Bakers, Bottins, Bergers and. Nicoteros of this world, that formidable troupe with the ability to contort our reality so adeptly. This guy is headed for the major leagues and last night he fashioned something of such magnitude that wretching is the only conceivable option. You set him a challenge and his necromancy is augmented instantaneously. His box of tricks is extensive, so much so, that it knows no boundaries. Truly a marvelous thing to witness.

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Matt Farnsworth is not a director to settle and shoot, he is all over the crime scene searching for the most exquisite locations from which to set his roving lens. The Red Epic camera is no toy but he hoists it above his head light a bag of candy. Supreme upper body strength affords the endurance and his photographic eye for detail keeps him pushing farther and flat-out vacating the box. I sat last night with horror warrior Hart D. Fisher of American Horrors and we marveled watching Matt at work. There is no ego, just a man with a vision who has the smarts and talent to back up every claim. We knew full well what we were witnessing and that was genius at play.


Another vital cog in the operation has been Unit Production Manager and Associate Producer Kaleb Tholen. I have watched him go about his business and he has habitually impressed me. He is full of innovation and passion and those two combined form a lethal concoction. Working on a film set for the first time requires you to find your bearings but, with King Matt leading the bloody charge, and Tholen working with his vision so effectively, this has been an unfathomable joy to be a part of. It’s coming Grueheads, Bound X Blood is congealing beautifully and the TOK Murder Crew stand on the shoulders of giants.

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The sickness is among us

It breathes and breeds

Its noxious seeds

and takes away our reason


The cruelest blood they spill

It binds their darkness

and frees their harness

Now we must repent


An eye very much for an eye

They paid their dues

Nowt left to lose

Just harshest distilled hatred


To sins being committed…raise a chalice,

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Sponsored by @TheOrphanKiller
Performances by @MattFarnsworth @DieannFoster
Cruel Art by @MattFarnsworth
Prose and scribing by @RiversofGrue
Copyright Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.


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