TOK Murder Crew: The Suffering

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There have been some rather ominous pleasures over the past two shooting nights in LA and I have learned exactly how to suffer for my art. In that time I have had my eyes glued open for a four hour stretch and spent the same amount of time strung up in a dilapidated box car with grimy rope. In addition, I have taken enough blows to the face to knock the shit-eating grin straight off it. Just another couple of days in the office on the shoot for The Orphan Killer: Bound X Blood, suffering is mandatory and I’ve actually become rather accustomed to the pangs of pain. Truth be known, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

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Baby Sister and Marcus only really want to play and who can blame them for needing a little leisure time after spending such a large period of their lives harshly separated? It’s only natural that they are going to want to let off a little steam and that happens to be one of the petulant pursuits they have planned second time out. This time they are synchronized, working together and playing hard as they torment their quarry. I have been on the receiving end of one such tormenting and Baby Sister’s contorted giggle is still reverberating in my head days later. Marcus is the more philosophical of the two whereas his sibling just wants to kick back and have a little fun, at her victim’s expense of course.

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Speaking of quarry, the body count is much more bloated this time but that shouldn’t come as any real surprise to y’all. The emphasis is on giving more right across the board, whether that be deaths, gore, iconic moments, your needs have been catered for and no stone left unturned as Matt Farnsworth’s sole intention is to give his addressees everything they desire and leave nobody wanting come the end. We have been shooting for a little over a week now and already there is enough grisly footage to pad out most slashers’ entire duration. Yet he has barely even gotten started.

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So to the suffering. My whole body has ached consistently since I entered the fray and there is hardly a part of me which hasn’t been abused in one way or another. I’m a walking catalogue of cuts, bruises, burns and busted lips and the reason for this is elementary. If I’m going to act wounded then why not take the plunge and feel every strike? I adore TOK, have done since primary contact, and am disinterested in phoning in my turn. This is too important, this isn’t some mediocre slasher which folk will have forgotten about a year down the line. This is the movie that Grueheads such as myself have waited aeons for.

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Intensity is a given when the stakes are as high as they are here. Every member of the cast and crew are geared up and ravenous to make this shit happen. No prima donnas, disputes or bruised egos, just an adept team of individuals all pulling together at precisely the correct time. The stars have aligned beautifully and our King and Queen have painstakingly selected a tight-knit team of those who are fully aware of the trajectory this sequel should take. Making that happen is a mere formality.

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I sat in a make-up chair for the majority of last night’s shoot, having layer upon layer of sickening grue applied by FX maestro Simpat Beshirian until I barely resembled one of God’s little creatures at all. By the time the last lick was applied I was a revolting pulp of oozing excess that only a mother could love and from arm’s length. Two long and rigorous showers hardly budged the surface layer of sickness. I’m sure I will still be finding flaps of decomposing pus-oozing lard weeks after you read this. Being sat in a make-up chair for the best part of an evening should be laborious at best but, here, it was a spiritual experience. You see, Simpat’s exemplary FX are off their chain and rolling toward you like Trojan testes.

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Shooting at night has allowed Matt to stage something a little different this evening. The scene just filmed gives an affectionate nod to the old stalk and slash movies we all grew up watching through our fingers but, of course, he put his own unique stamp on it. I was fascinated to witness the master at work during this scene as it is very much my territory and every single shot I considered, he already had covered. Of course, it ended up a resounding success, and every flickering shadow and low-angle shot was captured brilliantly. It also gave me a chance to watch Marcus ply his trade most brutally and Matt Horwich only need move and it’s scary. He may possess a gentle soul but there is none of that on exhibit when he’s wielding a blood-stained knife and reading last rites. As always, Horwich excelled, and the resulting scene hit pay dirt dead centre as expected.

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So what is in store for the rest of week two? I will say only this…the suffering has barely even begun Grueheads. Marcus and Baby Sister are chomping at the bit to recommence torment, with not so much as a shred of remorse as they bludgeon, tenderize, chop, carve and cannibalize more hapless victims. Bloodshed is an absolute given as are night terrors from watching the siblings wreak their havoc. As the saying goes, no pain, no gain. That has never been more relevant than it is right now as y’all stand to gain everything when this cruel masterpiece hatches. Let the suffering reconvene.

To sins being committed…raise a chalice,

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Performances by @MattFarnsworth @DieannFoster
Cruel Art by @MattFarnsworth
Prose and scribing by @RiversofGrue
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