TOK Murder Crew: Reign in Blood

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We are wrapped on week three and only one thing springs to mind…Holy shit! In truth, there is very little holy about what we are witnessing unfurling before our bulging eyes. The set of The Orphan Killer: Bound X Blood is evidently no place for the Holy Ghost and, should Matt Farnsworth enter a confessional at this point, then he would likely spend the remainder of his existence hailing Mary. I’m guessing also that his place on the choir would be in some peril. You see, boundaries are being, not so much crossed, as obliterated. The blood flow has been constant but, more critically, the bar is being raised with regularity. It is as though he is double-daring us to stomach the next dose of sickness and each kill is more repugnant than the last.


At this point, the only conceivable issue is how the hell the amount of savage media being captured will be shoehorned into a 90 minute duration. Imagine, if you will, a randy buffalo. This shaggy beast has been gifted with a girth which would make a dime store hooker’s eyes water. The problem is that it has a penchant for wide-mouthed frogs and it isn’t looking to go oral with its penetration. That tight green ass is being pounded incessantly and, sooner or later, our buffalo friend is going to split it wide open. Spare a thought for our submissive amphibian and then consider the wealth of content Matt Farnsworth is packing behind that phallic lens. It is staggering and enough to have Kermit reaching for the KY. Suddenly Miss Piggy’s strap on isn’t appearing nearly as devastating.

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Anyhoots, this ain’t no frog chorus, this is the song of the damned being crooned and Matt is in tune with the insanity. He has always had a vision and right now it is reaching fever pitch. The original film made friends across the globe but also managed to incite the rage of those with more sensitive palates. He has no intention of resting on his laurels and, instead, is turning the screw at every given opportunity. That was then, this is now, and more is expected second time around. It is the natural order that the bar needs raising but double the siblings equates to twice the fun and two times the bloody sickness.


Baby Sister and Big Brother are a formidable pairing and, together, they stomp their ground in terrifying fashion. I’m going to need y’all to envisage another scene, that of Marcus standing over his prey like judge, jury and executioner all rolled into one while his little sister pirouettes around him menacingly, giggling seductively with eyes like sordid sentinels. It’s enough to make a grown man weep blood profusely and their undeniable union is one to bloody relish. It was inevitable that it would come to this, after all, they were bound at birth and even death cannot separate them. Let’s just hope they never got around to filling in their organ donor cards as their blood is most cruel and their desire to maim and kill even harsher. Any transfusions would invariably spell disaster.

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Today has been our final day shooting in a location which seen more stiffs than a mausoleum. There are a number of glorious LA locales which will become bathed in blood but there are few as grand in scale as our current playground. Massive and sprawling, it is already chock full of history and the cup runeth over now that the notorious Miller siblings have left their grimy imprints. On Monday we move on to pastures new but the scent of death will still hang long after we have vacated. These walls have witnessed many atrocities and, if they could speak, I would imagine them saying something along the lines of “whitewash us please.”

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As we approach the halfway point, I’m still no less than staggered by the magnitude of what I am witnessing. The original film turned heads all over the globe and introduced us to the newest in a long line of post-Millennia slasher hopefuls. The second movie isn’t so easy to pigeon-hole. Fans of the old stalk and slash flicks of yesteryear will find much here to feast upon but, more critically, it is an amalgamation of different styles. Exploitation, grindhouse, character-driven drama, they’re all present and correct. Bound X Blood will be a celebration of all things horror past and present bundled together in a package so inimitable that it transcends genre. There are so many reasons to be cheerful, more bases covered than any other piece of modern cinema, and the result will be a piece of celluloid that breaks down boundaries and treads fresh ground, while remaining true to everything horror aficionados hold so close to their hearts.

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There will be haters and such is unavoidable. You see, when a film-maker like Matt Farnsworth plies his trade, knives are sharpened by the ignorant. The reason is elementary, here is a visionary director who knows exactly what he wants and has the finished article mapped out already in his head. Those who cannot understand are fearful, jealousy becomes their motivation and they find fault because they know damned well that he is doing what they can but dream about. It is naysayers such as these who are responsible for The Orphan Killer garnering an improbable 3.8 average on IMDb and, second time out, they will have their work cut out finding fault as his pioneering approach is set to bear multiple fruits. Bring it, try to knock us down as we are prepared for your hollow assaults. TOK will rise in spite of any words of negativity and the egg will be on your stupid faces.

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Anyhoots, we are now three weeks closer to realizing our dream. We only wish to give fans exactly what they desire and the film could easily have been in the can two years ago had Matt had any intention of simply joining the dots. He has waited patiently until the time is right and he is surrounded by the right team to help make this a reality. His decision for choosing such an intimate troupe has been justified from the very first moment cameras started rolling as everyone on set shares his passion for making this more than just a horror movie. Together we are fashioning a genre-defying classic and the future suddenly looks very bright indeed. Keeper is as proud as punch right now and, as First Knight, my sword is extended and my soul wholly invested. Nothing can stop this sickness from spreading. Faith is not blind when backed up with firm belief. And we believe.

To sins being committed…raise a chalice,

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Sponsored by @TheOrphanKiller
Performances by @MattFarnsworth @DieannFoster
Cruel Art by @MattFarnsworth
Prose and scribing by @RiversofGrue
Copyright Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.



  1. You have outdone yourself…yet again. YOU yourself OBLITERATE the bars which you have set for yourself….with each and every piece.
    Staying in usual MAGIFICENT, Keeper style your prose is filled with Badass enthusiasm, respect for those involved and yes….the humor that I truly adore so much.

    It’s almost as if you’ve placed all of these elements, in descriptive detsil into a blender and pressed puree. Yet when it comes time to pour out the mixture it separates where it should but blends so perfectly as you segue from one aspect to another.

    Fucking KICK ASS

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