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Gabriel Poulson was a real piece of shit. Entirely without merit, he had frittered away his existence through a string of less than honorable choices and making a living from other folk’s despair. He had made his first million by barely twenty-one and the future had looked bright for him at that point. Through blind luck as opposed to hard work he was gifted an opportunity to build an empire and he did so with little thought for those around him. His annual salary was enough to run a small country by his mid-twenties and he never once wanted for anything. Maybe, therein lay the problem for Gabe. He never had to deal with hardship and, instead, his safety net was too vast to ever really feel like he was falling.

He had been coming to the same masseuse parlor for nigh on twenty years. Now the wrong side of fifty, his penchant had always been for women far younger than himself, with no emotional baggage or threat posed. Here, at Happy Endings, he received all the love he could ever desire and that didn’t amount to much. He had no place for this distracting and dumbfounding emotion, it certainly didn’t pay the bills as far as he was concerned, not that that was something he ever had to concern himself greatly with. A simple blank cheque would keep the wolves from the door and, as a result, his soul was just as barren as every last banker’s draft cashed.

This particular parlor was known for offering extra trimmings. For around two minutes at the end of his rub down he was deeply infatuated with his masseur of choice and, as soon as his unscrupulous sperm left the tip of his member, he swiftly returned to the usual contempt. If the blow job he was receiving was performed even slightly outside of his strict parameters then he would send the Fräulein packing and order another delicacy from the menu. No second chances or ego massaging here, just do it right or fuck off and don’t let the door slam against your fat ass on the way out. The whole world owed him a great debt and he never once considered that, one day, he would be pulled up for his own emotional arrears accrued.


He hadn’t planned this visit. A client cancelled on him in the eleventh hour and he suddenly had a little free time on his hands. He had felt knotted and in need of release all day, and Happy Endings offered just the release he craved for a paltry hundred bucks. He never tipped, despite being able to buy the establishment fifty times over with his pocket change alone. They were just providing a service, nothing more. Some of the girls here were barely legal, single mothers struggling to make their rent and turning tricks just to keep a roof over their toddler’s heads. That was their problem alone, why should he give a festering fuck what hardships they had to endure? As long as they clamped their lips around his cock with precisely the correct grip and gyrated at the right tempo then their back stories were for someone else to fret over.

He entered the room and disrobed just as he had every time he had visited previously, waiting impatiently for his chosen masseuse. He gave them two minutes, not a second more, and was clear when stipulating that any longer was simply unacceptable. The owners despised him but rather liked the color of his money so always ensured that he got his wish. Mindy had performed oral on him on the past three occasions and had done just enough to convince him to demand her personally. However, this day, a sudden case of Gastroenteritis had rendered her unfit for work and he was about to learn of her absence.

Doorway Silhouette

The door opened on one minute and fifty-four seconds. “Not before time” he muttered, not even lifting his head from the towel his face was buried into. “I’m sorry but Mindy can’t see you today so I have accepted her client list and will be performing today’s massage”. This riled him to his very core. “You’ve accepted have you? Well that is just fine and fucking dandy but I will be the judge of what is acceptable and what is not missy”. He was used to ruffling feathers and did so ordinarily out of a sense of sick self-amusement but this particular girl appeared unfazed by his brash demeanor. “My name is Misty and I trust you will be satisfied with the service I provide.” A gutsy one for sure, he had barely twenty minutes until his next scheduled appointment and therefore decided to let her put her mouth where his money was.

“You’ve got one chance to get this right. Fuck it up and I’ll see that you never work in this town again comprende?” He set out his stool as he always did. “Baby, by the time I’ve finished with you, you won’t ever need anyone else” was her confident reply. This excited him, he liked a girl with pluck and relished crushing her spirit after he had cum. That would teach her for being so cock-sure of herself, even if she sucked his marrow better than any other, he damned sure wouldn’t let her know after the fact. How she felt couldn’t have mattered less, he didn’t owe her shit. Whereas she owed him one hell of a blow job based on her claims of guaranteed satisfaction. The ball was in her court but the game was never there to be won. Simply played for his benefit alone.

The session began with the customary shoulder rub and instantly Gabe could tell that she was throwing her back into it. His spaghetti junction of muscles and tendons began unraveling and he felt instantly less perplexed. Not that he let on, he simply remained face down and motionless, but the early signs were more than encouraging. She worked on his back next, unknotting him as she did, and really throwing her back into kneading every single part in turn. She then whipped off the modest towel covering his posterior and continued on his rump. Instantly he felt a tweak in his groin and began forming a rather formidable erection, so much so that his stiff prick became uncomfortable to accommodate. She spent a good three minutes on his legs which suffered from poor circulation and each area she manipulated tingled with delight.


“Feels good right?” she suggested. If she was fishing for compliments then she had clearly come to the wrong place as his only reaction was to grunt. “It’s okay, I get it. You’re the strong silent type. Your body is giving me all the answers I require”. She was far too confident for her own good and he desired nothing more than to bring her down a couple of notches although, admittedly, this was the best massage he had received in some time and her hands were working wonders. He was so at ease that he barely registered the small pricking sensation at the base of his spine and simply allowed her to continue. “Let’s get you turned over shall we. Time to get to the meat of the matter” she teased. She flipped him onto his bath and he let out an involuntary grunt of pleasure as she did.

She then began caressing his chest and running her long manicured nails down his torso, stopping mere inches from his rampant member which was straining and almost ready to release before she even got her hands around it. “You’re a big boy for sure” she commented and teased the area, just to ensure he was at full extension before pressing on. Gabe couldn’t resist the urge any longer and opened his eyes, just to get a look at the master and commander of his girth. She looked almost familiar, something about this particular girl was different and he couldn’t quite put his finger on what. Eventually he broke his vow of silence.

“Are you the new girl or something?” he asked. “Yes, this is my first time. But I know you already” she swiftly responded. This threw him a little, before he rationalized what she said, and deduced that she knew of him through his mercurial public standing. “Most folk have heard of me. I’m something of a big deal around these parts”. She glanced down at his swollen cock and nodded. “I can see that” was her response. With that, she reached down and grasped his sex with both hands, giving it a gentle squeeze in the process. It took every ounce of resolve for him not to spill over at this point and he hardly even registered the numbness spreading through his spinal column.


“Are you ready for the kicker?” He was used to dictating the flow but curious as to what she had planned next so decided to humor her. “Thrill me.” Despite the fact that this girl clearly knew her way around a penis, something didn’t feel right to Gabe. Within a few seconds, his entire back was devoid of feeling and he was unable to move. He visibly panicked and asked her to stop for a second while he attempted to ascertain what was going on with his midriff. “I can’t stop now. Time is precious you know. You do know that don’t you? Time is very precious”. The feeling, or lack of it, had now spread through his entire torso and he was powerless to act on his sudden impulse to call time. Misty remained calm, composed and simply smiled at him, fully aware that he was no longer enjoying the experience.

“Something isn’t right. I can’t move my limbs. What…what the fuck have you done to me” he rasped, to which she strolled nonchalantly to the stereo and turned it up a couple of notches. “I can’t have you moving, don’t you see? You can’t be allowed to get away again” she said. “What do you mean again? I’ve never met you before in my life.” His desperation was becoming clear now and this just appeared to excite her further. “Let’s play the memory game shall we. Do you remember a lady called Jasmine?” she inquired. “I’ve fucking had it with this. You let me go or I swear things are going to get real uncomfortable for you” he vented. “You want your happy ending don’t you? Just answer the goddamn question.”

“No. I don’t remember a Jasmine you bitch now let me go!” She giggled at his attempt to be commanding and continued. “I thought as much. Jasmine was a girl that you hooked up with one time at Smedley’s. You fucked her in the restroom cubicle remember?” He honestly didn’t. “Listen you little piss ant, I’ve fucked a lot of women and there ain’t one who was worth recollecting” he spat venomously. “She was Afro-American just like me. Actually I’m more mixed race than anything.” He tried everything in his power to budge but it was totally fruitless. “Do…I look like I give a flying fuck?”


“You should do. You see, you knocked her up that night. She was down on her luck but carried that baby full term and brought her up entirely on her own as you wished to play no part in her infant’s upbringing. You didn’t even pay alimony, a man of your stature couldn’t put his hand in his pocket and offer a token gesture.” She reached to the side of him and grabbed something, just out of his peripheral vision. Gabe was completely paralyzed from the neck down now and even his voice was slurring. “You…crazy bitch. I’m going to bury you for this” he informed. “It’s funny you should say that. You see, I buried my mom a couple of years back. She died of a broken heart and shattered dreams. Cut her arteries and bled out in her bed she did.”

The instrument she held aloft was now plainly visible to Gabe. A hacksaw, teeth glimmering against the subdued lighting, and being slid underneath his testicles. Nineteen years, that’s a whole lot of birthdays you know.” The saw had begun to pierce the skin on his scrotum and his member was flaccid now and out of his jurisdiction. “Oh dear. Have I hit a nerve?” His eyes bulged and he attempted to holler but she stifled his scream with her hand. “Ssh. This has to be our little secret. It’s just you and me now”. With that, she began to hack, serrated blade tearing through his flesh for a good few seconds until his genitals were entirely separated from their root. She raised his bloody member up to his face, slid her hand from his mouth and crammed it into his gargling cavity. Then, she placed the grue-sodden blade beside him and turned to leave the room, while he slowly bled out. Before she exited, she turned around and made one final statement. “There’s your happy ending dad.”


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