life can be fleeting once death makes its greeting
regardless of which faith you ground your belief in
be you black or caucasian
whichever persuasion
’tis all irrespective
can be no evasion


our fates have been sealed without merger or deal
our chosen tongues all make a muted appeal
be we calm and composed
otherwise pre-disposed
we’ll be forced to take note
of death’s covetous throes


it can maim it can kill and it does so at will
it can plan out your funeral then pick up the bill
it can watch as you rot
in your festering plot
it can dig up your bones
before X marks the spot


it can show you the light if proposed you have sight
it can whisk you away in the dead of the night
it won’t be denied
will not figure your pride
as it mercilessly casts
every spent shell aside


the vapor cloud left as you take that last breath
hydrates its cruel will once it grants you sweet death
as life ebbs away
it continues to play
long after blowing
your ashes away


should you act with due kindness in league not with blindness
then manifestation may be far less mindless
but act without care
and it’s inclined to share
eternal perdition
midst tenebrous lair




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    1. Thank you so much. I have so missed your comments. You always connect with my prose and I love the way you described its truth. So thrilled to have you back Cheri.

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