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Tom Waits “16 Shells from a Thirty-Ought-Six”



And so it erupts
A tidy hole in the back of my skull
has opened wide


It births all manner of confetti
and my vows have now been taken
as it scatters all around me


The leaves of fall
Wondrous and tinged with autumn
Signal summer’s end this dawn


Pulverized bone
Fragmented by impact
disowned without due resistance


I cocked the trigger
Applied the pressure
Fashioned their majesty


I reap every reward
Own each splash of guilt
Take complete responsibility for my actions


Yet the gun cradled in my lap still contains that same single bullet



Confetti all around
The celebrations of pain
Confessions of pleasure


Nothing guarded
A clear line of sight
Between points A and B


Shrapnel didn’t inform its flight
It lifted of free will
Nobody held a gun to my head


Yet I took my shot
and would do so again
Just to watch this marvelous confetti fall once more



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