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As you will be aware, there is nothing that pleases me more than to pay it forward. Increasingly of late it has been my intention to celebrate some of the phenomenal talent currently percolating in the horror industry. Should a project resonate or an individual do the same then I will happily sing praise and pledge my allegiance to their cause. Recently I have scribed a number of articles based on spreading the love for those who fit the bill. However, I am always mindful of my roots, and the gentleman I wish to discuss today has been a Gruehead since the very start.


Peter Kidder is a glorious soul and many of you would already have had the pleasure of interacting with him via Twitter. Day after day he spreads the love and has never once has he been anything less than supportive. However, he never does it with personal gain on his agenda; he does it because he was a horror fan from childhood and it runs through his every ventricle. When I began my pilgrimage as Keeper two years ago now; Peter was the first to pledge his allegiance to the cause. In the two years that I have been fortunate enough to call myself his brother; he has never once been anything less than a joy to speak to. Such kindness is never taken for granted; thus I have decided it is high time that he receives the credit he deserves. I’m only saying what everybody else, without exception, is thinking anyhoots. You see Kidder epitomizes everything that is good and wholesome about the horror industry.


Like me, Peter grew up as a wide-eyed boy, fascinated with the macabre and watching films that he likely had no right watching at such tender years. A love affair blossomed which has continued to flourish ever since and, through the medium of Twitter, he has now found somewhere to exercise his voice. And what a voice! In the entire time I have been aware of Peter I have never once witnessed him being anything other than loving and supportive of everyone around him. He has no ego whatsoever, which I find such a commendable quality, and is disinterested in his own gain, instead focusing solely on the promotion and support of others. Barely a day goes by when he doesn’t share something with the world that we can relate to. He doesn’t do it for attention or his own selfish prosperity; he does it because he cares and sharing is, after all, caring.


I actually know precious little about Peter but, in the self-same moment, I know everything there is to discern. No hiding behind a mask, no saying one thing and meaning entirely another; just Peter and always Peter. I’m always looking to brush up on life skills, constantly striving to become the very best version of myself that I can possibly be, and have never been interested in letting anything go to my head, no matter how much I am reminded that I possess natural ability in my prose and how I present it to my audience. My feet remain rooted to the ground to this very day and I have jumped through too many fiery hoops to ever lose track of why I do this in the first place. I do this, spend every waking hour creating and innovating, because of folk like Peter. He is true, real, clear, and sincere.


It is a regular occurrence for him to post images from numerous, often obscure, treasures from our past; the movies which he watched through his fingers as he began his own pilgrimage into horror. Traversing my feed on a daily basis is becoming increasingly futile as I miss out on so much sparking of fuses on account of selecting articles such as this as my way of remaining in the loop with you glorious people. Often it is all I can do to click the favorite or retweet tab as a way of informing those around me that I’m still around and not suffering one of my dark episodes, as has been the case on numerous occasions over the past two years. This means that I miss a plethora of messages and interactions, especially on weekends when I assume the role of Mario and assist my beautiful five year-old, otherwise known as Luigi, in rescuing the princess from Bowser’s foul clutches. While I’m chasing 1-Up mushrooms and attempting to traverse lopsided toadstools, Peter is still busy tending to the Grueheads and all in the name of collective affection.


A simple picture tweet speaks volumes for his intention to motivate; should he start his own day with a smile, or even if that isn’t the case, he will always look to spreading it about with those that inspire him and whom he inspires. Yesterday he posted a clip of Blacula, a film which I haven’t watched in nearly thirty years, and reminded me why it was so much more than simply the spoof it was labelled. What Peter may not be aware of is that my day was made the very moment that tumultuous vamp came hurtling toward my screen as though she was set to leap through and sink her biting bullets straight into my jugular. Cheers brother; you will be pleased to learn that this crabby wench paid me a second visitation come bedtime. I love me a good phantasm and had myself a humdinger courtesy of the clip he administered.


Peter inspires me to keep on keeping on and I know I’m not alone in stating that he represents all that is good about horror. The bonds we form on a daily basis are immeasurable and his part in all this is similarly inexhaustible. He is a true gentleman, benign to the spine, and more positive than the soul mate of a million opposing negatives. It is with every last pride strand that I call myself his brother; family need not necessarily be dependent on blood grouping. You simply look to building a foundation which will see yourself and, critically, those you hold dear, good in the long run. It’s a darned sight easier when you have yourself a Kidder underpinning your endeavor. To you fine sir I say this and know that my sentiment will be echoed by everybody whose lives you touch so habitually. Thank you from the center of my life pip. We appreciate you my brother. Ordinarily I would say something like “never change” but I know that is never in fear of transpiring. You see Peter, I learned that particular life skill from the very best. Peace, love, happiness, and prosperity to you and a screaming thank you for all that you do.


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  1. Gal & Guy or Guys & Gals,

    You or y’all, hands down, win the top prize for the best kick-ass emails…like ever!

    Ron ronshawmedia.com

  2. I come back often to read your words brother and found myself here one again. We love us some Kidder! Well stated. I tend to not comment on WP, I vow to do more of that 🙂 And I do hope Peter continues to engage us with horror, music and uplifting tidbits that I do so look forward to each day!

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