Trauma Dolls: The Evolution

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My cherished Grueheads, today I bring you news of something truly wonderful. It is with immense pride that I inform you that Trauma Dolls, a film written by and soon to be directed by Emilie Flory, will be the very first Grueheads Film. I have made no secret of the fact that I believe this to be a monumental motion picture which will highlight just how vital a film-maker Emilie is and how much the industry needs to embrace her exclusive gift for storytelling. Once I commit to a project I will do everything in my power, and more besides, to make sure that it is enabled to flourish. No half-measures, no doubt or fear of failure; merely unshakable belief. A little belief, as we are all aware, can go a very long way.


The term Grueheads is one which has so much meaning for so many like-minded people. So many of us grew up idolizing horror and have nothing but adoration for this most expressive and outspoken of genres. What is also glorious is that anyone younger, experiencing horror for the first time, can find unflinching acceptance within our fast-growing family unit. We all share one thing in common and this is something inestimable. I speak of passion. Recently it has become hard to keep up with my daily tweets and I know that said passion is circulating like wildfire while I am absent. The same can be said of Emilie; she is working so hard right now to make Trauma Dolls a reality and repay all the faith that the Grueheads have bestowed upon her. This will be her gift.

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It is evolving every day without question. Soon she hopes to begin work on translating her stunning words onto screen and she plans to marry her European style for visual storytelling with an American flavor which will truly set it apart from its contemporaries. I have always taken great pride in my insight and ability for spotting diamonds in the rough. Emilie sparkles brightly and that is why I mention her in the very same breath as masters such as David Cronenberg and Dario Argento. I’m basically giving the industry a heads up; paying my gut feeling forward in kind and letting everyone know that here is a screenwriter, a director, with true foresight.


Cronenberg is relevant when I make this point. Few modern-day directors are as far ahead of the game as the Canadian maestro and looking back at his many works it is easy to discern that he had vision far beyond his next film. His is an intricate puzzle, a complex overarching infrastructure which stems off in many beautiful directions. After reading the screenplay for Trauma Dolls, I could see clearly that this story was just as meticulously woven and vibrant. High praise indeed you may think but I back up every word with the conviction of a thousand roaring lions as you will all be aware by this point.


I believe that a story is most effectively told if it includes something of yourself. This allows for so much more personal attachment and what good is a lifetime of experience if not shared with the world? There is a pulse which runs through Trauma Dolls; that being the beating heart of all that she is. Personal tragedy is something which touches us all and Emile is absolutely no different. She has seen more than her fair share of hardship, disappointment, and pain, along the way and it informs every word which she scribes onto page so eloquently. As with Keeper, it is channeled in a way that can inspire and empower us to reach higher than ever before thought feasible. The vital signs for Trauma Dolls are strong and my heart beats through my chest as I elucidate this.

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Over the coming months the whole world will become aware of Trauma Dolls and there are many ways in which I shall sound the horn. Expect interviews, themed fiction, dark poetry, the whole nine yards. When it comes to time for shooting I shall provide a chronicle of events and give you the scoop on this stunning project as it unfurls before us. Emilie Flory has the unfaltering backing of the Grueheads and, as the Keeper of The Crimson Quill, I shall apply my own inimitable flavor to every single tribute and news flash.


I cannot emphasize enough how much this film will make use of all five senses. It goes without saying that it will be visually arresting, thus sight will be paramount. You will hear its beauty as Emilie has a keen ear for audio and knows exactly what it can bring to the table if implemented correctly. Feeling is guaranteed also, the screenplay is fashioned from feeling, and in horror there are so many ways to touch your audience. She knows how to do so. Taste and smell will both come into play of course. By the time I reached the conclusion to Trauma Dolls I could feel it reside in the back of my throat and both nostrils too. Exquisite perfume meshed with formaldehyde and decay. It walks such a fine line with the grace of a ballerina.


But there is more besides. I am speaking of a sixth sense which makes the prospect of Trauma Dolls so utterly fascinating. I openly encourage discussion of soul and explain how it is almost impossible to get a handle on or label. It just is. It is this secret ingredient that will truly set this apart; that je ne sais pas. Even if you were to ask Emilie yourself what this constituent is; I’m assured she would find it tough to convey. It will come across in the final product and I believe that will shine a light forward for all of us looking to take back an industry which has remained polite and unspoken for far too long now.

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Trauma Dolls will be a Grueheads film. It is with every ounce of integrity I possess that I make this announcement today. This is the start my beloved friends; here is where the pilgrimage becomes even more glorious and unmistakably true. It isn’t about the power of one; it is about the power of the many. Together we are about to embark on the most resplendent journey together. It is time to raise a chalice wherever that may be; be you in America, France, England, Italy, hell even Honolulu… we can all join in the toast and link arms to become a thousand, nay a million, strong. My sword is sheathed, there will be no need for bloodletting going forward. The blood has already been spilled onto the pages of Trauma Dolls; the first of very many #Grueheads films. There could be no more celestial a place to begin.

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Truly, Really, Clearly, Sincerely,


Keeper of the Crimson Quill

Copyright: Crimson Quill: Savage Vault Enterprises 2015




    1. Me neither Bill. It is a truly mouth-watering proposition and, moreover, will show just what we can achieve with creative minds and passion. Emilie has both in abundance and has a wonderful future ahead.

    1. Thank you Nicole. Emilie will be thrilled to read your supportive words and we have so much respect for you and Oklahoma and all that you do. 2015 is a pivotal year for independent horror; we are showing the world that we can truly make a difference. With films such as CRAWL or DIE and Trauma Dolls we are making a bold statement to the world. The revolution is already underway and I cannot think of two more wonderful or deserving people for us to stand alongside as we take this on.

      1. Thank you endlessly for your phenomenal support, Richard. Your article is absolutely wonderful. I’m grateful beyond words for all that you do and for your talent and passion. The revolution is already underway and thanks to you it’s gonna be spectacular; Now, we are united and this is thanks to you. Le rôle que tu joues est d’une importance cruciale. Une nouvelle vague pour le cinéma de genre est en train de voir le jour et va changer la donne pour le cinéma dans son ensemble. Rien ne sera plus comme avant. Les cinéastes, les indépendants doivent reprendre la main sous peine de voir dépérir l’un des arts les plus magiques au monde. Sous la bannière des #Grueheads tout devient possible. We owe you so much Richard. Thank you from the bottom of my heart <3 Thank you for being you. +++ EM

    2. Thank you so much for your wonderful words, Nicole. I’m really touched. You know I’m a big fan of you and Oklahoma and I’m with you with all my heart. You can count on me always #CRAWLor DIE ouvre la voie à tous les cinéastes indépendants dans l’horreur; Vous êtes nos chefs de file et on se battra jusqu’au bout avec vous. EM

      1. Emilie, you are so welcome and this is truly a proud moment for me. You have such a marvellous talent but also such inimitable beauty and grace. You inspire many and the world is a richer place for having you in it. The Trauma Dolls will rise and you will have my support for as long as my heart beats. The revolution is coming and the world of horror will never be the same. Together, we will achieve so much. From the bottom of my heart <3 Thank you.

    1. Thank you sister. It is going to make a huge splash and Emilie’s vision and talent is glorious. I will put every last breath into making sure that the world knows all about this wonderful project.

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