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Juliet Bloch had a reputation around campus for being something of a slut. There was only one boy on the school soccer team who she hadn’t slept with and her reputation had long since been tainted for her extra-curricular activities off the playing field. Most of the other girls wanted nothing to do with Juliet and considered her to be a tramp of the highest order. This didn’t faze her as she was not here to make friends and influence people; but instead to sample the delights of every alpha male within her jurisdiction. She despised her fellow sex and had no time for their fickle friendships and two-faced allegiances. It was all about the boys and thankfully there were no end of suitors in this area as she knew precisely how to use the tools that God gave her in order to snag herself a fuck buddy.


Right now she was out of potential victims and feeling a little disillusioned. None of her conquests had been the vaguest bit interested in taking things further and they just saw her as a mobile vagina with masterful suction and a willingness to experiment when it came to coitus. While this was true, there were many qualities which they seemed disinterested in exploring. Ultimately they all thought with their dicks and Juliet considered this to be synonymous with the breed. There were little more than hours left until the end of semester and soon she would be off to college in order to do the rounds once more with a fresh clique of jocks. This had just been preparation for her and had taught her all that she needed to know about the opposite sex. However, she felt it necessary to leave her mark in an altogether different way before entering the next rite of her passage into womanhood.


Today marked the final game of the season for the Winchester All Stars and there were eleven men currently parading out on the soccer field. She had first-hand experience of virtually all of them, including the three substitutes keeping the bench warm. Even their team manager, phys ed teacher Mr Callaghan, had sampled her fruit after forcing himself on Juliet back in year nine. It hadn’t been the first time that he had abused his position of responsibility but nobody had been courageous enough to stand up to him as he used extortion and blackmail to his sick advantage and nobody would ever believe that this decorated tutor would be capable of acting so nefarious. Juliet had been far less pessimistic about the world when he swooped and stole her virginity, mere weeks after her very first menstruation. She kept his dirty little secret but patiently plotted her revenge and went on to sleep with everybody who was considered anybody in the interim, just for the purpose of thorough research.


She had felt indifferent towards intercourse and there was no emotional attachment where she was concerned. It was simply something that she was good at and perhaps the only thing that she truly excelled in. Ultimately she just wished to stand out from the crowd and there wasn’t a senior on campus who didn’t know her name so it had been an exceedingly successful endeavor. This was going to be her final swan song and there was no way she was about to let this moment pass. Thus, she had promised deep-throated fellatio to every last squad member as a send-off after the game had concluded, each in turn. Most of these brain-dead imbeciles had snapped up her offer and the girls locker room was soon to be rife with testosterone-fuelled alphas looking to have their moment with Juliet Bloch and become a part of history. However, there was one exception to this rule and that was Nick Drake, the captain of the team, and arguably the most naturally gifted center forward in the entire state.


Nick was different from the other boys and the only one to actually hold down a meaningful relationship. He and Sabrina Whittaker had been sweet on one another right through their five-year scholarship and were already making plans to move in together at the first available opportunity. Psychosis aside, Juliet found this to be rather endearing and had no notion of punishing Antonio as he wasn’t deserving of her retribution this day. While his associates whispered in the locker room before their big game about their upcoming post-match blow jobs, he kept himself to himself and focused on the matter at hand, winning the game and ending his tenure at Winchester Academy on a distinct high. She would wait for him to vacate the premises after slaughtering each of his comrades in turn; then turn her attentions to Callaghan. He was always the last man in the vicinity after a game and would often jerk off in the girls’ changing room as a stress reliever before eventually locking up. Today, he would pay princely for spanking the monkey so habitually.


Juliet had done her homework and hadn’t missed a home game all season as she put her meticulous plan into motion. There was no margin for error here as one wrong move would topple the dominos before their time had come. Patience was the only virtue that meant a solitary thing to her and she had needed it biding her time in such pre-meditated fashion. The correct weapons of dispatch were paramount to her flying beneath the radar while she did her harsh bidding. She had a plethora of tools at her disposal, from hatchets to machetes, and even chloroform doused rags for starters just to ensure ambiguity and ease herself into the carnage. Variety was the spice of life to her and no kill would be permitted to echo another. Thankfully, she had devised her plan with great cunning, and was determined to make her parting statement in no uncertain terms.


It started with the first substitution on seventy-four minutes and the first to hit the showers was Mike. He had picked up a hamstring strain and this fit perfectly with Juliet’s strategy as his Achilles Heel was to her prosperity. She considered rendering him unconscious before snuffing him out but decided instead to take advantage of the fifteen remaining minutes on the clock and the solitude this afforded. Soon the entire building would be brimming with potential quarry and her only prior stipulation had been that they enter one at a time, thus affording her the opportunity to dispose of any evidence before her next sanction. Hapless Mike never stood a chance and was too busy dealing with the rush of blood to his head as Juliet sucked him off to notice her brandishing a serrated six-inch kitchen knife above his head. One swift forceful lunge later and she was underway.


Seeing as the knee tendons had been such a bone of contention to Mike, she presumed he wouldn’t object to a little unlicensed surgery and plunged the blade into his contorted muscle while he yelped in agony and desperation. Until then, she had been the one on her knees but he joined her on the shower room floor as he clutched his fresh abrasion for dear life. His snivelling soon grew tiresome so she finished the task at hand decisively by ramming the cold steel into his crown from above until his twitching rearguard ceased. Juliet had gotten off on this feeling of superiority and the world would surely never miss Mike Tamworth. The truth was that, strain or no strain, he would likely have been first in the locker room as he lacked any real endurance and didn’t take his sport seriously as he was too more interested in playing court jester to achieve any true degree of triumph on the field. One down; many still to go and this is where the real challenge began.


Next up to receive their medals of eradication was Thumper. Logan Parsons had been gifted this dubious mantle on account of his peculiar habit for tapping his foot uncontrollably during any of his numerous sexual transactions. Many girls found it to be rather a charming custom but Juliet was not one of them and had no intention of affording his trademark knee-jerk so decided that the best course of action was to sever both his metatarsals before initiating more conclusive work. This worked a treat but didn’t stop him crawling away in an attempt to escape her fury. Fortunately the remainder of the team were now present and correct in their own locker room and too busy chanting along to a rousing chorus of We Are The Champions by Queen to hear the ruckus, despite the fact that they had lost 3-1 and finished their final season languishing in mid-table obscurity. Thumper made his final beat around 3.20pm and a machete across the jugular promptly ended his percussion. His demise had been decidedly messy and left Juliet with a mammoth clear-up job on-hand before Miguel arrived for his final service.


Miguel was born with only one active testicle after the other had burrowed up into his lower abdomen at an early age and refused to reappear. He chose not to view this as a handicap and boasted openly about his singular bollock to his eternal credit. He had been assured by physicians that one day its opposite number would drop and he wasn’t particularly fussed by any vacancy as he made up for what he lacked in love stones with a member possessing far more girth than any of his cohorts, thus he never felt inadequate. Said penis was the ideal token for Juliet and she intended on donning it around her neck as a trinket as it appeared as though wearing his balls for earrings was never to be a feasible option. Like any good lumberjack, the axe seemed like the only instrument capable of cutting through the timber with any conviction and she had sharpened the blade for hours in advance just to ensure for rapid dismemberment. Miguel bled out slowly and she decided not to rush closure on this occasion as it was so much fun watching the blood spurt through his knuckles as he clutched his freshly formed cavity.


Three kills in and the girls’ locker room was beginning to resemble a slaughterhouse. The spent bodies of Mike, Thumper, and Miguel were hurled into the shower cubicle and thankfully the caretaker’s mop was on hand to make stellar use of the drainage system. Not a bad clean-up job; all things considered. Juliet had met little resistance to this point and was beginning to lament never before taking this course of action as it was the equivalent of pilfering candy from a baby. Tom, Jordy, and Miguel’s half-brother Pedro were next to fall foul of her devious plot to wipe out the entire soccer team and she dispatched them in short succession, looking to build on her tally before any opportunity passed. After already proving her pinpoint accuracy with the hatchet, she used the same weapon for all three denouements. One blow squarely in the center of the rib cage, once in the temple, and another to the jaw line, had made short work of the three reprobates and not a single one of them had seen it coming as they were far too occupied satisfying their need for sexual enterprise. Having already excised Miguel’s genitalia, she couldn’t resist a little impish self-amusement as she removed the top section of Pedro’s skull-cap after gifting him his permanent smile, resting it on his brother’s gaping groin just for shits and giggles. This was proving so much darned fun.


This is where Juliet’s best laid plans began to turn awry. Mr Callaghan had been disgusted with his team’s capitulation after surrendering their final home game with little to no resistance and cut short their celebrations by sending them packing in no uncertain terms to reflect on their dismal exhibition. She was infuriated as things had been going exactly to suggestion and she had just started to warm up. Callaghan had a vile temper and, when he lost it, he truly went to town. Even his star player Nick wasn’t exempt from his cutting words and suddenly it was looking like her running total had effectively reached its cap. She considered a rampage while they congregated in the hallway and would no doubt have added to her tally before being overwhelmed and wrestled to the ground by any remaining bucks but had no intention of having her flurry ended before claiming herself the real prize. This odious bastard had already abused his position of authority and would be required to pay a princely sum for his numerous indiscretions.


This time, she would use dialogue, and explain to him just why he would be required to die screaming as his shameful actions had warranted a demise more protracted and excruciating than any others up until this point. She waited until any stragglers had exited the premises and selected her chosen tool which had remained inactive until now with sound reasoning. The chainsaw was nothing if not conspicuous and a single rev of its gnashing teeth would have scuppered her anonymity so she had kept the fully fuelled weapon vertically standing in her locker until it was time for her crowning moment. That had come sooner than expected and she was resentful for the callous interruption of her ascendancy. It was time to make some sweet noise and Callaghan would rue the very moment he shattered his subjects’ innocence.

“What are you doing here? School’s done, get the fuck out of here”


“Hello Charles”

“How do you know my name?”

“I have made it my business to learn. I know a lot more about you than you realize”

“Then you should know that I don’t like stupid games”

“That’s a shame sir as I really wanted to play”

“Look you little runt. I’m about one minute from making you sorry you stayed behind”

“Like last time?”

“Yeah something like that. Only this time it will be a lot less comfortable, I assure you”

“You are such a stud Charles”

“You don’t call me that”

“What? Charles? Charles Liston Callaghan. Born on September 7th 1967 to parents Gretchen and Henry in Indianapolis. The oldest of three siblings”

“What the fuck? You had better explain how you know that”

“I always rather enjoyed homework”

“You’re in a whole shit ton of trouble”

“Are you going to put me over your knee sir? Please say that you will. Look, I’ll make it easy for you”


Juliet slid her fingers up her short skirt and into her cotton white underwear, before dropping them to her ankles to reveal her shaven center and stepping out of the spoiled fabric.

“My panties are ever so wet and dirty sir. I have been a really filthy girl today. I think I am due a telling off. Would you like to come and punish me?”

“Go home Juliet”

“What’s wrong Mr Callaghan? I thought you found me attractive. Don’t you think I’m pretty?”

She arched her spine to touch her toes, offering him a tantalizing view of her impeccably kept undercarriage just as an additional sweetener.

“I’ll let you cum in my asshole if you like. It’s really very tight, can’t you see?”

“Fuck it”

Callaghan’s resolve had been tested enough and he was about to make Juliet sorry for teasing him so wickedly. He threw down the pile of discarded jock straps he had been collecting and pursued her as she padded back to the girls’ shower room bare from the waist down, sliding the trouser belt from its loops as he prepared to take the girl’s cue and fuck her like the petulant pussy that she was. As he turned the corner, he was caught off guard by her spiteful attack with a meat tenderizer she had poached from home economics earlier that day. The aluminium mallet made definitive contact with his forehead, rocking him back on his feet, as both knees gave way sending him careering to the hard floor and shattering his lower jaw on impact.

“You bitch!”

“What’s that sir? You really should work on your elocution. I’m finding it hard understanding you”

“I’m gonna…”

“You’re gonna what? Have I earned myself detention?”

“I’ll kill you”

“Well I’m pretty sure that isn’t in the curriculum Charles. By the way, judging by your clichéd responses, I’m expecting you to ask why I’m doing this at some point. I would hope that you’re a smart enough cookie to work that one out. You see, a girl’s virginity is sacred. We dream of surrendering it to the man of our dreams and it is supposed to be a life-enriching experience that we will never forget”

Juliet strolled nonchalantly over to her open locker to retrieve the chainsaw.

“Mine was an experience I will never forget. I was thirteen, remember? You opened my eyes that day after you stole my innocence. You see, I’m not really all that upstanding after all. Turns out that I love sex and there is only one thing that pleases me more”

She pulled the cord on the chainsaw and row upon row of regimented teeth were set into whirring motion.

“Do you know what that might me sir?”

“Stay away from me”


The contusion on Callaghan’s forehead had begun to hemorrhage freely now and his eyes were filling with blood as he desperately attempted to clamber to his feet. Juliet continued to advance, raising the chainsaw as she composed herself for the primary strike. Just as she assumed position, she lost her footing, slipping on the pool of blood which had formed at her feet, and toppling backwards most ungracefully. The mechanical weapon span out of control and carved through her midriff as it twisted and turned rebelliously. She yelped and pushed it away before it could do further damage but the wound was gaping enough that no amount of stitches would see her right. As it continued its wrath of destruction, it buzzed towards Callaghan, whose only defense was to raise his left arm. At the very last-minute its trajectory changed and it rotated a full 360 degrees before finding its home in the back of his skull. Five seconds later the only remaining sound was its running motor, aside from Juliet’s laboured groans as she attempted to hold her stomach lining together to no avail. Eventually the last drop of fuel became exhausted and silence fell over the girls’ locker room, leaving behind eight dead bodies for the caretaker to discover the next morning.


It turned out that Mr Callaghan had been responsible for a number of molestations during his tenure and other girls as young as eleven in some cases began to testify to his wrongdoing. The police naturally assumed it to be him, after all, what sixteen year-old girl, no matter how hot-blooded, could be responsible for such a bloodbath? A statue of commemoration was erected on the school grounds denoting the seven teenagers who lost their lives that day and not a word of posthumous mention was given to Mr Callaghan. Perched at the very top was the name Juliet Bloch (1999-2015). If you ask any of the remaining boys from Winchester All Stars about her then they will tell you that she was a good-natured, friendly girl out of respect for the dead and negate to mention her penchant for gifting sexual favors. It took several acts of utter madness to encourage the respect of her peers but, ironically on the very last day of semester, Juliet had finally found her approval.

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