Trauma Dolls: The Uprising

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There is a buzz building as we speak. Word is beginning to filter across the worldwide web for a project which I make no secret of my personal attachment to. Trauma Dolls is coming and already people are beginning to salivate over the prospect. This week represents a significant rung in the ladder as we commence our climb. On Friday it was revealed by our very own Gillian Gibson that the first of many Trauma Weeks is now officially upon us. This is an adoring celebration of this magnificent proposition and also a statement of intent as the Grueheads pledge their allegiance to its eternal cause. We don’t do things by halves and thus it seemed only right to make a noise for all to hear. Heads are turning, cogs too, as the world becomes aware of just how exclusive a proposition Emilie Flory is suggesting. This film is going to blow head gaskets like diesel in an unleaded tank. That’s right; the Trauma Dolls are set to annihilate.


This is where we all have an opportunity to ensure that our glorious collective voice be heard in no uncertain terms. For the uninitiated amongst us, and until recently I would have fit this demographic, allow me to introduce you to the art of hashtagging. If, like Keeper, your preferred medium for social networking is Twitter then you should be aware of this new-fangled craze. For as much as it may appear ineffectual, the application of a single hashtag can draw attention to a word or phrase. By entering Trauma Dolls into your search bars, you will instantly be transported to a page dedicated to any similarly themed tweets. Et voila, a smorgasbord of interaction awaits. I apologize to those of you who didn’t need a step-by-step account of how to suck an egg but, as a self-confessed technical gibbon, I know what it’s like to scratch my head.

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Already a number of well-respected artists have begun work on their own interpretations of Emilie’s dark vision. Right now, we are being steadily drip-fed data and there is much still to ascertain about this formidable concept. However, Trauma Dolls is an enigma. The numerous tantalizing promotional posters speak loud and clear about both its verve and vogue. Fashion and passion ooze out of every image; style and guile are present in über-abundance. The horror theme affords Emilie an opportunity to inject depth into an often shallow industry; offering one-part expose and the other intimate insight. By delving so deep into the cerebral make-up of our crestfallen angel Bijou; Emilie affords us personal attachment unbounded and we get to see the world she sees through her magnificent blackened peepers.


She is sweet and unassuming; a mere lamb in the wolves pen. Her survival instincts have been required to be finely tuned just to make it as far as she has but any triumph has been capped as it appears that she has already reached the peak of her potential and is steadily swan diving from grace. I have always been fascinated by the simplest twist of fate and Emilie has a doozy planned for her protagonist. Bitterness and resentment begin bleeding through and her delectable screenplay shows this metamorphosis in extreme close-up. The lens will be invasive; not affording Bijou a moment’s respite but also affording chronicle to every solitary stage of her reconstruction. Emilie has done plentiful legwork when it comes to the understanding of psychological trauma and knows her way around a psyche. Thus her tour inside this beautiful head is both extensive and knowledgeable.


Trauma Dolls will sate your appetite for the voyeuristic and place you behind the lens of paparazzi as you watch in wide-eyed wonderment. Then, as you feel the disconnect its main protagonist feels to the suffocating world around her, it will be time for that extreme close-up and we’ll feel every heartbeat in this moment. Then there’s the grue and I have already made mention of the work of numerous Italian gore maestros and their fascination with artistic expression through splatter. It speaks volumes for the screenplay that I envisaged every last dispatch and the wonderful thing is that my imaginings have altered with each subsequent reading. Every film-maker has freedom to express and Emilie has a beautiful way of communicating her vision. This will extend to bloodletting and she is a true artist in this and every other respect. Whether blood spills or sprays any deep red will infuse the canvas with vivid grandeur.

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I have touched already on how Emilie can identify with Bijou as she too has first-hand experience of this overtaxing lifestyle and the unprincipled demons which manifest within it. In addition, she has near-death experience to draw from and has seen her life flash before her very eyes. There’s your insight Grueheads; there will be so many parallels to Emilie in Bijou, married with the elucidation of this fine artist’s darkest imaginings. Her tale will translate exquisitely to screen as it such a visual screenplay which danced from the pages as I soaked it in. I am proud to report that I know Emilie exceedingly well and, what’s more, I share her vision and it invigorates my every thought. The independent scene is on the cusp of something of a throw down. Ms Flory is at the very crest of this bloody new wave and has the minerals to lead us through any treacherous waters ahead.

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Currently this is where we stand with regards to Trauma Dolls. Emilie is ready to shoot this thing; give her a camera, 35 mm would be just splendid, and she will shoot you a modern masterpiece. It really is that simple; her intentions are clear as anybody who has had the distinct privilege of interacting with her will attest that she pins her beating heart to her sleeve unflinchingly. We all play a part with a project like this; each message of support and hashtagged response gets the word out a little further. This is where Keeper comes into play; I have learned precisely how to extend our reach now. It isn’t purely a case of repetition where Trauma Dolls is concerned; there are many synapses to be explored and threads to be investigated further. It is rife with possibility and, with regards to whether or not this film will turn heads and stomachs alike, I speak with an air of inevitability and proud authority. Hold onto your seats Grueheads.

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