What Do You See?




What do you see
I do bid you enlighten
I’m smiling you see
No intention to frighten


Do you discern hope
A refreshed summer vista
Is my skin smooth as silk
Or beginning to blister


Are tears steeped of joy
Do I weep only sorrow
Was I here yesterday
Will I be gone tomorrow


Life can be cruel
As it kills us with kindness
Sight can be fleeting
Afflicted with blindness


Love hates with passion
Joy dances with pain
Then as the sun sets
It commences again


The answers are there
Yet may never be found
I touch the apex
As I sink through the ground


My heart’s beating hard
Though the line appears flat
I’m sat here in silence
Lie prone to attack


No sword left to raise
Spoiling blood in my veins
Would sooner taste defeat
Than see decency slain


Words are so easily
Lost in translation
Kindness replaced
With eternal damnation


Been through too much
To wish this for another
Smear infidel blood
On the lips of a lover


Each kiss dressed to ripen
The yield of those dear
Each piece of me siphoned
Through ventricles clear


In twine we can set
A most opulent scene
Gaze deep in my eyes
Tell me what do you see







Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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