The Fall & Rise of Personal Heroes


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[1] Prince “When Doves Cry”

[2] David Bowie “Heroes”

[3] David Bowie “Let’s Dance”



If there is one inescapable truth in life then that is that, one day, we will all ultimately die. Hardly the most peppy start I know, but I don’t make the rules and, while reluctant to follow them, this particular trend is one that none of us can ever dream of bucking. The older we get, the more we accept this bitter fact, and invariably we will be faced with tragedy at numerous points in our life. The notion of having our nearest and dearest snatched away before time is unfathomable and the same can be said for personal heroes.


I have plenty of my own and one such icon was cruelly taken from me back in 2014. Philip Seymour Hoffman could do absolutely no wrong in my eyes and, when it was announced that he had passed away, I could barely register such an unforeseen disclosure. My first action was to write an affectionate tribute which you can read by clicking here and attempt at placing into 1000 words just what this great man meant to me personally. This is no small feat when his work resonated on too many levels to relay but it felt like the least I could do to honor such a luminary figure.


The reason I am writing this now is that, no less than 24 hours ago, I received news of the death of Prince. The American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, and actor was truly one of life’s one-offs and 57 years doesn’t feel anything like sufficient for a soul like his to shine. That said, his glow will never diminish, thanks to the precious gifts he has bestowed on us over the course of his four-decade strong career and this sole consolation truly is incalculable. Prince had an uncanny knack for fusing numerous genres and the likes of funk, rock, soul, and pop paraded in unison so beautifully as he effortlessly broke down musical barriers. However, it was more than this, as he helped us to recognize that it was okay to be a little different from the norm and, moreover, a gift to truly cherish. On one hand he was the very epitome of extroverted but, on the other, he was a gentle, kind, unassuming soul who very much kept himself to himself.


This is often the way with true visionary artists and it is no coincidence that many comedians suffer from clinical depression. Somehow inexplicably these rays of light manage to inspire us all and Prince has provided the motivation for so many aspiring musicians since. While the mortal shell is decidedly fickle, music possesses true immortality, and his will still be spreading joy long after we receive our own ultimate closure. Timeless would be the key word here as the likes of When Doves Cry, Raspberry Beret, Let’s Go Crazy and others too numerous to list still sound every bit as fresh now as they did back in the eighties. Indeed, 1999 offers a prime example of such endurance, as the new millennium may have long since come and passed, but its message is every bit as relevant after the fact. God bless you Prince Rogers Nelson and, while the rain is falling hard currently, I take great comfort from its purple hue.


This tragic news seems all the more devastating given that the world of music is still reeling from the recent death of another of its true elder statesman, David Bowie. While I haven’t touched on this until now, make no mistake, we lost one of the most far-sighted souls ever to grace the stage on January 10, 2016 and irreplaceable doesn’t even begin to cut it where Bowie is concerned. Words cannot ever hope to encapsulate his eminence as talent like his comes along but once in a lifetime and his influence truly is second to absolutely none. That said, the way that he departed center stage is as poetic as the man himself. Forewarned of his time coming, he took to the studio and recorded Blackstar which released just days before he dashed off back to the stars. Sure, he was taken way before time, but the manner in which he departed is a lifelong reminder that, right up until the end, he did things just as he always did – the way he wanted. This lustrous gemstone will never lose its shine and I, for one, feel immensely honored to have come of age at the same time as he was sharing his exclusive gift with the entire universe.


Celebrity deaths have been decidedly rife of late and barely a day seems to pass when another light isn’t extinguished. As a lifelong student of horror, the last year has been one of particular poignancy as we have waved goodbye to a whole host of enigmatic icons during that period. Wes Craven, Gunnar Hansen, Angus Scrimm and the great Christopher Lee are just a few of the recently departed and all of these have imparted treasures the likes of which motivated my decision to dedicate myself to the genre in the first place. Having been reared on a staple diet of Hammer and Amicus, Lee’s passing represented the end of an era for me as he was the last of a breed from another time entirely. That said, an exceedingly ripe 93-years-old is quite the achievement, and I’m assured that, when his time came, he was primed to take the final leg of his illustrious voyage.


Speaking of which, Leonard Nimoy was also quite the journeyman. While many will always refer to him as Mr. Spock, Nimoy had numerous other strings to his bow. Director, photographer, author, singer, and songwriter, his accomplishments were vast and the hero-worship stretched way farther than just the Trekkies amongst us. There was nothing illogical about his resonance and, once again, his star will continue to glimmer brightly now that he has boldly gone. Sadness is inevitable at times like these, but I prefer to focus on the gladness of having been introduced to such other-worldly majesty.


It would be all too easy to make this one long obituary as there have been an abundance of celebrity deaths of late and plenty of them tragic. As a proud Englishman, I was deeply distressed to hear of the death of Victoria Wood recently as she was one of the most naturally endowed comedians we have ever had the privilege of doubling over in sheer merriment over.


Likewise, the clock was punched way too early on Alan Rickman, and his screen presence was never anything less than masterful. Certain actors stand out from the crowd effortlessly and he was one such consummate professional. Truly, madly, deeply, a special fellow.


We are never prepared for the fall of our personal heroes, whether untimely or seasonable, and I’m convinced that others will we snatched from our grasps in the coming months as death ultimately waits for no man. That said, I prefer to consider the rise of such artistic regality and that need not ever receive closure. Being a scribe myself, I take considerable comfort from the legacy I can impart, and not one commissioned by a heartbeat. Thus, this article is not intended to be a downbeat affair but, instead, an adoring celebration of magic that knows no bounds. I’m sure that this is precisely what all the above, and countless others aside, would have desired most so it appears only fitting to raise a glass, smile widely, and continue to bask in their celestial never diminishing glow. Salut.

Rising Heroes: A Tribute in Pictures


bowie-2 the-man-who-fell-to-earth-bowie David-Bowie-Ziggy-Stardust-sun-makeup_dezeen david-bowie-film-man-who-fell-to-earth-1976-billboard-650 david-bowie-labyrinth davidbowiegigolo-large_trans++eo_i_u9APj8RuoebjoAHt0k9u7HhRJvuo-ZLenGRumA david_bowie_earth david-bowie-06 Bowie-david-bowie-348938_1024_768 1973rca-009.jpg Musician David Bowie 81011aaa015540b4348b2519bfa212a3 prince-2013 prince-image-1-92582190-234120 prince-music-21apr16 prince-891228150 bee43290-ea16-0133-800d-0e31b36aeb7f 635968409312380085-PRINCE-KO-65900070 1401x788-prince-extralarge_1412016787658 18-prince.w529.h529 3b658518 leonard-nimoy-catlow nimoy2 leonard-nimoy-042-1500x1000 leonard-nimoy-4-768 ap_leonard_nimoy_lb_150227_12x5_1600 afd-196312 11-christopher-lee-3.w750.h560.2x 8-christopher_lee_theredlist Christopher-Lee-dracula Christopher Lee, appreciation christopher-lee cl-baskervilles-edit-xlarge EP2_IA_55023-1536x864-150330270826 Alternative View - 66th Locarno Film Festival scaramanga severus snape alan rickman harry potter tumblr_nl6icuqyig1rf1jvro1_1280 rickma image Crouch-Alan-Rickman-Die-Hard-1200 alan-rickman-truly-madly-deeply alan-rickman alan-rickman-sense-and-sensibility-xlarge fhd999DGA_Alan_Rickman_002 wes-craven-dead-at-the-age-of-76-my-top-10-favorite-wes-craven-horror-movies-594628 phantasm-angus-scrimm_zpsrhza8zgt maxresdefault 1401x788-wes-craven-1401x788 Terry Pratchett at home in Wiltshire in 2008. pratchett Picture-66 scrimm_p4_deem Scrimm-8 ScrimmBanner angus-scrimm-gossip 68500-full pl071215horrorfest-002.jpg 1073908_1280x720 la_matanza_de_texas_1974_4 lemmy-kilmister-a-435 Lemmy-Kilmister-1978-billboard-650 Lemmy-Killmister-Motorhead 01_28001949_fbf264_2617960a 2680 victoriawood2104a Dinnerladies todays-programme-gettyimages-103367245--1- LAND'S END, Geoffrey Lewis, 1995. (c) Buena Vista Television/ Courtesy: Everett Collection. 515752492_1280x720 1200 ronnie_land6_2771910a rexfeatures_582000l-large_trans++wtUT54c80eKHJHMfvK9NIuh29lyQ_cjuNwjOHCHyCBQ 105468 patrick macnee gallery_ustv-battlestar-galactica-patrick-macnee art_tv_series_actors_20_uk_macnee_patrick_1922_2015_pic_macnee_innocent_1960_g_26jun2015 David-Bowie-Coloured-Painting






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