Night of The Screaming Co-Eds



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It was a cold misty night in late October, All Hallow’s Eve to be precise, and the ordinarily bustling streets of small town Bordersville were eerily quiet. While the Delta Phi sorority were engaging in their annual Halloween bash just down the way, five of their raw recruits had decided to throw their own private party away from their gossiping peers. Bob and Kate Slater’s house was seldom vacant but the couple had decided to celebrate their twentieth wedding anniversary in Las Vegas and entrusted their home with their beloved only child for the weekend. Thus, it seemed only decent to keep the home fires burning in their absence and take full advantage of the empty space.


Andi was sixteen years old and a model daughter. Straight A’s right through school, well-mannered and polite, respectful of her parent’s wishes, and still proud owner of her virginity, there seemed no safer pair of hands for Bob and Kate to entrust the keys with than this sweet, innocent little cherub. Andi was pretty in a low-key in desperate need of a makeover kind of way. Her straight mousey brown hair rested just above her reasonably undeveloped bosoms while her bright green eyes, undeniably her best feature, sat behind a pair of thick-rimmed bifocals that did absolutely nothing to highlight them.

Six months ago, Andi finally reached second base but when president of the debating team Tim “Tiny” Schwarz unbuttoned her stubborn denims and slipped two fingers inside, her dishevelled pubic thatch convinced him otherwise. Consequently, she had been denoted the nickname “Shag-Pile Slater” and mocked by the other kids for a few weeks afterwards. However, Andi was in luck as four of her classmates took pity on her and decided to make her their very own pet project. She didn’t care much for their reasoning, the only thing that mattered was that she was presented a lifeline with campus life looming large.

Buxom Blonde Armando Huerta

All four were present tonight and the festivities were already in full swing. Mandi, Candi and Bambi were all natural blondes while their ebony sister Brandi possessed the most lustrous brunette curls in the entire state. Each sported ample breasts, tiny hourglass figures, and matching manicures and pedicures. Not a hymen in sight, their virginities had endured no longer than eighth grade and their deep-throated fellatio skills were legendary around Lamsville. While Andi had always been partial to a spot of Neil Young, the girls had introduced her to Kayne West and won her over through sheer bloody-minded perseverance.

In preparation for tonight’s little soirée, Bambi had packed her vibrator in her overnight bag and they fully intended on schooling their sexually untravelled sister on the art of self-gratification. Andi had never so much as masturbated before as her mother had informed her of the risks of such a foolhardy endeavor. Pregnancy, genital warts, banishment from heaven – three good reasons not to break out the AA batteries in her mind and she remained blissfully oblivious of how the evening was planned to play out from hereon in. Naturally, intoxicating alcohol would be necessary in order to soften her up some and Mandi had catered well for their slumber party shenanigans.


Two bottles of tequila and another of fireball snatched from her father’s liquor cabinet seemed more than ample to encourage her to lower her guard. While initially reluctant to partake, a little harmless Red Bull spiking had provided the ideal sweetener. It worked a treat and, in no time, Andi had begun knocking it back straight. Inhibitions were suitably lowered, judgement sufficiently impaired, and courage at the absolute max. There seemed no better time than the present for a spot of truth and dare and Candi was all set to get the ball rolling.

“Right then slags. Brandi, I believe you’re first up. Truth or dare biotch?”

“Well that’s a no-brainer. Dare me up ho”

“As you wish. Okay, I dare you to…kiss Mandi on the lips…with tongue”


Andi giggled somewhat nervously as she was starting to know where this would be headed. However, alcohol was nothing if not persuasive and secretly the idea of kissing a girl excited her. Meanwhile, Brandi took her punishment gladly and removed her Bubblicious in preparation.

“No sweat. Gimme some sugar sweetness”

Mandi obliged and the pair embarked on a full ten seconds of tonsil tomfoolery while Andi watched on wide-eyed and with an unusual stirring in her haunch. Eventually, the embrace concluded and Brandi couldn’t resist a little playful adieu.

“How’d you like the taste of chocolate?”

Mandi licked her lips and this appeared to provide the answer to her question but, just in case, she hammered it home some more.


“De-fucking-licious babe”

“I know it”

All eyes were now on Candi, much to her delight. As Brandi had passed with flying colors, she was next to deliver the poser.

“Is it gonna be truth…or perhaps a little dare?”

Very little in the way of procrastination as Candi couldn’t wait to take things to the next level. She prided herself on two things: being great at sex and taking shit to the next level.

“Dare of course”

“Right then. Let me think…I dare you to…strip down to your panties and get yourself wet without laying a single finger on yourself”

“Candy from a baby”

Without a second’s delay, she began peeling off her garments and, considering she never bothered with a bra, this didn’t take long. By the time her jeans reached her ankles, the dare was all but won.


“It doesn’t take much ladies. I’m prepared like a girl scout”

Andi paused for a moment, still flabbergasted by her friend’s willingness to share such intimate detail at the drop of a pin. However, the allure was just too strong and she sneaked a peek which turned into a blatant stare.

“Juicy like fruit. I do believe I have passed with flying colors”

Suddenly, Andi was only too aware of her own bedraggled bush as Candi’s transparent G-string revealed pretty much what she’d had for breakfast and was as smooth and fuzz free as a baby’s butt. Her opposite number caught her looking and even opened her legs a little wider to facilitate her gaze, remaining akimbo as she took to her duties.

“You’re up Andi. Truth or dare? What’s it gonna be?”


Ordinarily, the former would have won hands-down but, after another swig of pretty much neat tequila, she decided to throw caution to the wind and plump for the latter.

“Well…I guess I should keep up with the Joneses. Dare please”

This was met by a rousing cheer from her four friends, all of whom we’re feeling pretty smug right now for breaking her dare cherry.

“Dare it is and, may I say, excellent choice”

“You may. Thrill me!”

“This one is a three-parter”

Another raucous scream of delight from the other girls.

“I’m game. Spill the beans biotch”

Brandi snorted so hard that her drink vacated nasally and, after spluttering for a moment, she had to give credit where it was due.

“Oh no she didn’t. Girl, did you just say biotch?”

“Did I stutter?”

“Oh shiiit. You’ve graduated with flying colors. Welcome to the inner circle”

“I’m still waiting for my dare”

Candi obliged.

“First you must turn on the outside lights and go into the garden, in full view of the neighbors”

“Easy. Next”

“Next I want you to strip completely naked. No panties. No overhanging shrubbery. Just you and the elements”

“I can do that”

“Then…I want you to crouch down and take a piss on your lawn”

Candi was positive she had set the bar too high as even she would be reluctant to do that. True to form, there was a brief pause before Andi’s response.

“Well I guess I’d better pour myself another drink then”


It was likely that the entire population of the heaving Delta Phi party were less rambunctious than the uproarious reaction of the four girls on receipt of this unexpected and surprisingly unflinching acceptance. Brandi was in absolute awe and couldn’t let this priceless moment pass without acknowledging Andi’s ballsy rejoinder.

“You are truly one of us girl”

This was the most precious prize in the world to Andi. Finally she had earned, not only the acceptance, but the respect of four of the coolest kittens in the history of Lamsville. Mindful that the clock was ticking, she commenced her dare. By the time she reached the patio, she was already down to her underwear and heading straight towards her destination with inebriated swagger and head held proudly aloft. Candi could hardly believe what she was seeing.

“Surely not?”

The others were similarly stunned but Bambi knew the answer to that question.

“She sure as shit is you know”


Meanwhile, Andi took her position in the garden, in full view of the whole block just as requested and removed her bra without second thought. However, next up was the stomach hugging panties and this presented her first stumbling block as she knew only too well what lay beneath. If only she had shaved prior to this engagement then they’d be round her knees in no time. But, in sixteen years, the closest she had come to pruning was a timid short, back and sides. This could be the deal breaker and her new-found popularity could disappear in an instant. Suddenly, the cruel jibes of “Shag-Pile Slater” began reverberating through her ears and, with both hands firmly clasping elastic, she started to falter.

Brandi picked up on her hesitancy instantly and offered a little gentle encouragement from the sidelines.

“Girl, pubic hair is coming back like a motherfucker. It’s all about the full bush now. If anything, you’re already setting the trend. That makes you a designer original. You’re not alone. Look!”

Brandi whipped down her jogging bottoms and pulled her panties to one side. While tram-lines hardly constitute as bush, the sight of even a little growth was all the coercing Andi needed.

“Okay. Okay. Fuck it”

With that, Andi became one with nature and discarded her soggy underwear with great sense of accomplishment, laced with the customary uneasiness. To her absolute horror, the response was the worst kind of unanimous although Candi couldn’t resist but get the verbal ball rolling.

“Oh my dear lord. It’s a wookie!”

Mandi then took to the podium.

“I haven’t seen a beard like that since Gandalf”

Brandi was up next.

“My grandmother could knit a sweater from that…and matching mittens too”

Not wishing to pass up the opportunity for banter, Bambi completed the clean sweep.

“Someone call the history museum. The wooly mammoth…IT’S ALIVE!”

None of the four were mindful of the fact that Andi had begun twitching uncontrollably outside and even had started frothing from the gums. Their thoughtless exhibition of meanness had come at a cost more severe than their tiny little minds could ever dream of processing and, after sixteen years of low-key inhabitancy, Andrea Katherine Slater was about to release her pent-up demon in absolutely no uncertain terms. This slumber party was about to kick into hyper-drive.


Under the bright dazzle of the patio lights, she started to open up and not by revealing her innermost hopes and aspirations either. The first thing to transform were those striking green eyes as they rolled to the back of her skull and were replaced by blackened beads of torment. At this point, none of her heckling audience were aware as to what was transpiring but that was set to change as she raised both hands up to her face and began to peel away its uppermost layer. Starting by hooking her thumbs into the excess skin on her brow, she worked backwards, pulling her entire skull-cap off in one assured motion to reveal the pulsating matter beneath. Then she focused her attention on her lower jaw and, with a sickening tug, wrenched it free from its fixture, tossing it nonchalantly into the bush to her left.

Mandi was now fully aware of what was going on and wasted no time in enlightening the others.

“Fuck. What the…what the actual fuck?”

That was about all she could muster before retching up a crude mixture of bile and cheap-ass tequila. Meanwhile, Andi continued to metamorphose before their very eyes and, gripping the malleable skin above her breasts tightly, removed her entire upper epidermis as though it were a wet suit and began working on her lower torso in the same grisly manner. Within seconds, the Andi they all knew was nowhere to be seen and, in her place, was a bloodied pulp of exposed tissue, weeping internal fluid and ruptured arteries. Once any fickle flesh had been disposed of in a less than orderly fashion, she was ready to come good on her dare and squatted on the wet grass as requested to evacuate her bladder. Given that her insides were now outsides, the whole process was illustrated as she relieved herself right there on the freshly mowed lawn. Spotting blood in one’s urine is ordinarily deemed as a negative but here it simply came with the territory.


Once satisfied that nothing was left in the tank, she rose back to her feet and returned her attention to the horrified onlookers, all of whom were frozen in terror and ill-equipped to process what they had just been made privy to. Under normal circumstances, the effects of excessive alcohol would take a number of hours to wear off but their sobriety here was instantaneous and four fairly significant hangovers kicked in in unison. This delighted their opposite number who flashed whatever teeth were left in her face with a grin that was anything but reassuring. Andi may not have been quite the shy, reserved wallflower she once was but she was very much aware, despite no longer resembling your average sixteen-year-old and looking far more like the embodiment of your very worst nightmare.

The uncomfortable silence continued for a few seconds. Then, satisfied that her subjects were suitably repelled by the exhibition of her true colors, Andi decided it was high time she get a little more up close and personal. Stepping out of the last of her now redundant flesh, she began advancing towards their coordinates, with each of her exposed muscles openly flexing their intent. However, the eyes had always been Andi’s prize, and it was these darkened orbs that were most vocal right now. If looks could kill then her task ahead would already be completed. Not that she was looking to make this swift and merciless mind.


Finally the collective penny dropped and the four hysterical girls turned to make their exit with differing results. While Bambi, Mandi and Candi managed to retreat from the lounge in record time, Brandi wasn’t quite so fortunate and, after getting tangled in the straps of her overnight bag, tumbled gracelessly to the floor, hitting the corner of the nearby pine unit on her southbound descent and being supplied with particularly untimely concussion and a gaping brow cavity for her efforts. Whilst no doubt grateful not to be in her current position, the others were faring little better in the hallway and Bambi was less than thrilled to discover that the only available exit was securely locked and bolted. Regrettably for them, The Slaters had been victims of domestic burglary twice since moving to Bordersville and any necessary precautions had been taken to ensure history didn’t repeat itself.

Aware that conventional avenues of escape were not applicable, the three terrified teens made their way upstairs in suitably disorderly fashion and headed straight for the main bedroom, which they proceeded to lock behind them to buy valuable breathing space. Mandi dashed straight for the window and began weighing up their options. It was a good twenty-foot drop to the hard concrete below, with nothing whatsoever to break the fall. Worse still, the window was also locked and Bob Slater kept the key well hidden, leaving them well and truly bamboozled. While her associates struggled to find anything substantial enough to barricade the door, she performed a quick head count and, despite maths not being her strong suit, it didn’t take long for her to realize that one of the group was conspicuously absent.

“Where’s Brandi?”

Bambi was far too predisposed with the task in hand to give even half a flying fuck about her fallen comrade, whereas Candi had been last out of the lounge and witnessed her unfortunate aerobics first-hand.

“She didn’t make it”

“What do you mean she didn’t make it?”

“I mean she’s still down there with that bitch from hell”

For all of a second, Mandi felt terrible about their lack of solidarity but it soon passed.


Meanwhile, Brandi had started to come to after spending the past couple of minutes out for the count. Still very much dazed and confused, it all came flooding back in an instant as a shadow fell over her and the pungent stench of rotten tissue reached her nostrils. As smelling salts go, these were of particular potency and she rolled over to face her assailant, who was very much in the ascendency and ready to take the game to the next level.


1280x800 zombie face missing jaw bloody horror wallpaper

Andi’s formerly soft-spoken voice had now been replaced by something far more deep-throated and, while she vocalized clearly and concisely, she did so without the bottom row of her teeth, which were currently outside on the lawn bathing under the sprinkler jet.

“Please…I’ll do anything you want”


“I didn’t mean it. None of us did. We were just having a bit of fun”


“Please Andi”

Her pleas were falling on deaf ears as Andi was already conjuring up her chosen forfeit. Glancing around at the options, she noticed Brandi’s bag by her feet and, protruding from within, was her trusty pink vibrator. Her demented grin widened further.



“Help. Somebody please. Help”


“You’re letting me go right? I promise I won’t tell anyone. Please Andi”


“What are you going to do?”


Andi reached down and claimed the sex toy from amidst all the scattered cosmetics. In sixteen years, she had never actually held one in her hands although, with only one discernible button, it appeared as though an instruction manual wouldn’t be necessary. Pressing it down, the device buzzed to life and this amused her no end.


“Take it. You can have it”


“What…what do you mean?”


“Anything. Just let me go please”


With that, she grabbed her floored quarry by the scruff of her neck and hoisted her to her feet, holding her in place with one hand while she raised the vibrator with the other and rested it against the girl’s quivering lips. Brandi attempted to break free but she was no match for her opponent, whose superior strength had been summoned from some place decidedly deep and similarly dark.




Her cry was cut short as Andi forced the oscillating egg beater into her mouth and thrust it way back until her gag reflex kicked in and she started to choke. Tears were streaming down her pretty brown cheeks and her entire body was resisting as best as it could, but to no avail as Andi wasn’t about to let this little fishy slip through her fingers.


Dissatisfied by this drawn out method of dispatch, she decided instead to find another aperture to breach. Looking into Brandi’s big brown eyes and seeing only her own vile reflection staring back at her, she decided that they just had to go.



Dislodging the vibrator from the back of Brandi’s throat, she then proceeded to offer it a new home. As her victim gasped for precious oxygen, she barely had a second to feel relief, before the toy was repositioned against her left eye and forcefully made its unlawful entry. Pushing the eyeball back into its bracket and towards her fast hemorrhaging brain, it eventually gave way and the vibrator ventured inside a full three inches to further clear the path. Her gargled screams were becoming increasingly labored now and Andi knew that time was of the essence so she moved her attention to the girl’s right eye socket and repeated the hideous process until Brandi’s body went limp in her hands and all that was left were the customary death rattles. Once contented, she tossed the convulsing corpse to one side, with shocking pink rampant rabbit still firmly lodged in her skull and whirring enthusiastically. Then she headed upstairs.

“I can hear something”

Bambi’s ear was pressed up against the door frame and her face dropped further still as the footsteps grew ever closer, stopping just inches shy of her position. Candi was completely inconsolable, sat against the wall behind her friend with her head in her hands, sobbing uncontrollably. Meanwhile, Mandi applied some affirmative action and slipped into Kate’s walk-in wardrobe, where she cowered with her palm over her mouth in an attempt to remain incognito.

The silence outside was deafening and almost a minute passed before Andi decided that another dare was called for. With one decisive blow, she knocked the sturdy door clean off its hinges, which was decidedly ill fortune for Bambi as she was still pressed against it when it ruptured and took its entire weight and her tormentor’s too as she made her way inside.


Bambi was in no fit state to decline and Candi was in too deep a state of shock to even register the words so Andi seized the initiative once more and retrieved her prostrated victim from beneath the splintered wood, dragging her towards her proposed teammate.



With her free hand, she grasped the elastic waistband of Candi’s joggers and tugged them and her panties down in one swift motion before any objections could be raised. Adrenaline then kicked in for Candi but it was no use as she was no match for Andi’s new-found strength. Poor Bambi was barely even sentient and, should this have been the case, then she likely would have been less than enamored with her projected final destination. Effortlessly restraining Candi while she jerked her legs apart inhospitably, Andi rammed Bambi nose first into her soft center and continued to force the issue. Any elasticity in the girl’s already fairly spacious vagina was soon compromised and one more hearty push was all it took to blast her wide open. By the time Bambi realized what was happening, her entire head was inside her twitching friend and, if she thought her ordeal couldn’t get any worse, then she was sorely mistaken as she was about to take a guided tour through Candi’s entire inner framework.

Mandi had been peeking through the crack in the wardrobe door the whole time and watched on in abject horror as the macabre unification played out just a few feet away. There was nothing whatsoever she could do for them now and her sole consideration was her own well-being so, deciding that she had seen quite enough for three lifetimes, she began to forage for a makeshift weapon.


Meanwhile, Bambi was way beyond up to her neck in it and, despite her shoulders providing a stern challenge, Andi had assisted her in negotiating the fleshy borderline. Her unwitting host had already breathed her last as her reshuffled organs were far from their alloted spaces. Candi wasn’t quite so lucky however and was now fully enlightened as to her surroundings and the facial lacerations resulting from cracked ribs was testament to this. Indeed, her parting vista was of Bambi’s dormant heart muscle as it rested against her maw, filling it to overspilling with its crude sap.

Mandi’s frantic search had been surprisingly lucrative as, resting against a generous to the point of obsessive pile of Bob’s Hustler magazines, was a baseball bat that he kept close in the event of any unwelcome nocturnal visitation. She’d never raised a hand in anger before but it’s amazing what watching your friends being annihilated will do for one’s rearguard action and, with Andi now making her away towards the wardrobe door with ghastly grin now at full mast and black eyes spitting venom, it was time for a crash course in self-defense.


Lunging wildly from her soon to be compromised hiding spot, she made contact at the very first time of asking, knocking Andi back on her heels and provoking an almighty groan of discord as the bat made full contact with her head. Sensing her chance to gain the upper hand, she swung a second time, electing the exact same point of impact and landing with both precision and force. This blow was sufficient enough to floor her opponent and Andi landed with an almighty squelch as she hit the deck. Mandi could hardly believe her luck as baseball had never been her thing and, never in her wildest imaginings, would she ever have expected to achieve a home run. However, that is precisely what had happened and, while there was no jubilant crowd to witness her stunning strike, she felt more than a dash of pride.

This was tempered by sheer nausea at the sight to her left as Bambi and Candi were no longer a pair and the entire room was awash with entrails and other suchlike surrendered surplus. Suddenly it all hit home and she dropped her weapon in utter bemusement at the atrocities she had been made privy to. A glance further to her right revealed an open doorway and finally the ordeal was over. She would likely never fully recover from the events of this particular slumber party and no longer had her friends to lean on in a fix but the most important thing right now was that she had survived. Somehow, she had beaten this wretched hell beast.

As she stepped over the blood-sopping remains of a girl formerly known as Andi “Shag-Pile” Slater, those blackened eyes opened once more and gripped her right ankle before she could clear the obstruction. Her forward momentum sent her careering to the floor, landing face first in a pool of intestinal fluids. Before she could attempt to scramble back to her feet, her adversary beat her to the punch and flipped her over onto her back so as to see the whites of her eyes as she delivered her next and final poser.


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