Sada Vidoo: Rise of The Living Doll


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[1] Sada Vidoo “The Actress”
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If there’s one thing I could never get enough of then it would be the weird and wonderful. Society often dictates the way we should look and act and, anyone who dares to express themselves in a manner outside of the norm, is immediately deemed a nut job. It saddens me that it is not encouraged more to be “different” as our planet would be a decidedly tedious bundle of rocks and gases without a dash of individuality. So when someone arrives on the scene like the young lady I’m about to introduce you to now, my faith in humanity is restored and I get more than a little excited. If there is any justice in the world whatsoever, then Sada Vidoo is about to make rather a large noise in the music industry, and heaven knows we need her right now. So, without further ado, prepare to meet a bona fide living doll.


Yes you heard that correctly. Sada Vidoo is as authentic a living doll as you are ever likely to see. Indeed, she is so dedicated to her lifestyle choice that, should you cut her open, chances are you’d be greeted by a slightly smaller version of herself, and then another. I’m sure we’ve all either met or heard about those who bloody-mindedly believe they were born in the wrong body and, while it may be a stretch for some to fathom, nobody has the right to question that as no two people are the same. It just so happens that Sada is convinced that she is a living breathing porcelain doll and, after watching her in action and being left utterly hypnotized, I’m inclined to agree. It’s not just the make-up or stylings either, it’s the whole entire package, movements and mannerisms, and she pulls the strings on her marionette persona 100%.


I guess I should explain how this living doll first came to my attention, and I’m quite prepared to be pelted with rotten vegetables on account of the following frank admission. I’m fairly assured that every last one of us has heard of The X Factor right? I’m also reasonably convinced that most of us harbor some decidedly strong opinions on this particular TV talent show and not always of the forgiving nature. Well I ain’t too proud to admit that I watch it pretty much religiously every year that the circus reconvenes and, if that makes me a target for public ridicule, then so be it. You see, I’m fully aware of how shameless it is considered to be, and would be lying if I said that it wasn’t culpable of being something of a carnival. That said, I’ve never been of the belief that all pleasure should be innocent, and have something of a hoot and holler by accepting it on its own terms. Say what you will about it, but it’s a hell of a lot more entertaining than most of the dross on our screens.


For some, the real gratification comes from watching those with absolutely no sense of rhythm or clue fail miserably and in the most mortifying manner imaginable. To be honest, I’m not one of these people. Indeed, my interest peaks when the formalities are out-of-the-way and we get down to the all-important live shows. The reason for this is simple – every now and then a rough diamond takes to the stage and we just know they have a real shot at becoming a credible recording artist. Certain musicians consider this a flawed process to finding the next big thing and, once again, I don’t buy this for a solitary picosecond. I know just how hard it is to make a dent in an already overcrowded marketplace and get somebody to sit up and take the blindest bit of notice of you. By entering into a process such as this, you’re putting yourself out there on exhibit, and it’s easy for established stars to scoff at this as they sit on their white gold thrones believing their own hype a little too freely.


Anyhoots, every now and then, somebody steps under the spotlight and leaves a lasting impression and that is precisely what happened last Saturday when Sada Vidoo threw herself into the lion’s den. It amuses me how folk make up their minds on first impression and would imagine that most of the UK were already rubbing their hands together gleefully as they awaited the inevitable train wreck. Indeed, one of the judge’s first observations was that Sada resembled a toilet roll holder, when actually she was a sight for the sorest of eyes. Dolled up to the über-extreme and positively owning her antiquated yet totally exclusive look, she took any impertinent comments with true grace and poise and answered any of the numerous questions that came her way with a refreshing matter-of-factness that revealed the true strength in her character.


Of course, it’s one thing looking the part, but entirely another doing what you’ve entered into the audition process to do and I had a sneaky suspicion that everything was going to work out just fine once she parted those cherry blossom lips and chirped for her audience. However, even I was left literally speechless, as she tore through Pat Benatar’s Love Is A Battlefield (an ingenious choice by the way) and made it so much her own that it almost felt like it was the first time I had ever had the pleasure of drinking this feisty power ballad in. Initially there was only stunned silence as she wound down and I would imagine that was in honor of the millions of people scoffing down humble pie at that point. Eventually the silence subsided and the comments came rolling in like a high tide. Turns out that she did something of a number on the judges and sailed through to boot camp, while they were left scratching their heads and trying to work out what they had just been made privy to. I’ll give you a clue guys – sublime majesty.


I was all-in from the very moment she hit her first note and only fell deeper into the Living Doll’s enchanting trance as she went on to obliterate every last note that followed. In my mind I could see it as clear as crystal, Sada Vidoo is the next big thing the whole world has been crying out for. And I’m not just speaking about another quirky pop princess who will release a couple of half catchy songs, get dropped by her label, and end up on Celebrity Big Brother in five years time as she desperately attempts to negotiate an extension on those fifteen minutes of fame. We’re talking the enduring kind, a real artist, of the Sia, Lady Gaga, or Florence + The Machine variety. She had it all. The look, the sass, the innocence, the steely resolve and, most critically and undeniably, the raw talent. By the toy box load no less.


Hurriedly I dashed over to YouTube and was thrilled to discover that Sada was one clockwork step ahead of me. You see, she is already an established artist in her native Denmark, and a Platinum-selling songwriter to boot. Naturally this caused the national papers to cry “double-cross” but they haven’t a leg to stand on as there is nothing that states that she doesn’t deserve the very same opportunity as the rest of the hopefuls. Personally I was beside myself as I knew damn well she had that star factor and was about to be left speechless for a second time. My first move was to check out the official video for Love Is A Battlefield and was greeted by a beautifully refined (but no less masterful) rendition of Pat Benatar’s thunder-clap anthem. Granted, she had reined in the theatrics and I loved that about her audition, but this just showed how credible she really was and not in any way, the novelty people had been expecting.


Her version is utterly beguiling from stem to stern and she still wasn’t done with blowing me away as further investigation led me to The Actress and Chinadoll, two blistering original tracks from her 2014 debut album A Story with No End. Spellbound is the word and I don’t require a crystal ball to see the future where Sada Vidoo is concerned. I can’t tell you masses about her as there’s not yet much to tell and she’ll do that through her music in years to come, of that I have absolutely no doubt. And therein lies the charm, dolls are supposed to be incomprehensible, and I love the air of mystery that hangs in her slipstream as she glances gracefully across all five of our senses. Sada truly believes that she is a living doll and do you know what? I was only too happy for her to make a believer out of me. It’s time to wind this living doll up and watch her rise.


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