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Nine Inch NailsĀ “Came Back Haunted”





come, come
step inside the great theater of my mind
leave behind the frigid breeze of precaution
distortion bleeds away
once you enter the foyer
should you stay
then fret not for extortion







… is a chilly urban sprawl
deprived of light
bereft of warmth
it’s the streets that i once trudged
cardboard town of civic sludge
was my duty as a drudge
to traipse on with every less than playful nudge


move along
nothing to see here
nothing to feel here
nothing at all to reveal here
keep moving
wander blindly
suffer kindly
for when fate requests its waltz
it will most likely be untimely


cathedral of sorrow
numbing agents too eclectic
cannot move
cannot breathe unless requested


autonomy not granted
death grip far too disenchanted
excessive cargo
hindrance far outweighs advantage








…is familiar yet vague
wanderlust to rebirthed thrust
excavation of the crust
clawing deep within the clay
excess gristle long decayed
making way for fresh terrain
as the varnish peels away the antitrust


dare I say
say I dare
should I stay
could it snare
would my flesh be bread to tear
with every muted prayer i bleed
just to nourish this rapeseed
let it feed


how it grows
no one knows
yet it brings with it repose
edges fading
faith persuading
as it braids the rickrack lattice
this decaying apparatus
then belies its ashen status


scars now teething
each one breathing
no longer quite so labored
use the bleed to sign the deeds
and dot the i’s and t’s on the disclaimer







… this former virginal platter
now redressed in deep red spatter
parading surgical precision
masquerading sweet excision
through its caged in sweeping vision
calling death to make provision
for remorseful indecision
howbeit, the fallen have risen
and prelude to torture
this isn’t


rusted nails
intent on pressing
yet for all the thoughts distressing
cannot halt the convalescing
of an altered state caressing
every curse into a blessing
underspent of death’s permission
gone contrition
through the art of…






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